CapMinds Recap: The best Value-Based Care blogs Of 2021

Value-based care

Despite facing a still-raging pandemic, value-based care rose to be one of the biggest challenges to the healthcare industry in 2021. Here’s our recap of the year’s most important value-based care news.

Discover Top 5 Value-Based Care Trends For 2021

Value-based care is becoming a major topic in healthcare. Many healthcare organizations have begun focusing their care around patients and their health conditions rather than fee-for-service.

While trying to succeed with the value-based care models, few challenges may arise because not all patients receive the same treatment for the same illness, and some patients & their families want to be treated differently based on their preferences.

Digital Health: The Next Big Thing In Value- Based Care

Value-based healthcare models are specifically designed to drive health outcomes. As the healthcare industry started moving towards the new way of delivering care, many healthcare professionals and physicians are left wondering how important is value-based care in 2021. In this article, we discuss how digital platforms are transforming value-based healthcare.

5 Effective Benefits Of Value-Based Healthcare

The comprehensive goals of value-based care include 3 key terms – improved population health, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced cost. As the goals are very clear and simple, the strategies to achieve it right aren’t derived. Here is all about value-based healthcare and the benefits of successful value-based care implementation.

7 Value-Based Care Best Practices To Follow In 2021

With the huge rise of value-based care models over the past decade, providers can have a great impact on the overall cost of care and the success of models in the healthcare system. In this article, we discussed the best practices of value-based care that the providers should follow in 2021.

5 Value-Based Care Challenges You Probably Don’t Know

The shift from volume-based care to value-based care has completely transformed the healthcare industry. Value-based care is a form of healthcare reimbursement based on quality and clinical outcomes, as opposed to the number of services provided.

5 Best Tips To Speed Up Your Value-Based Care In 2021

As the fee for service-based health systems relied on internal cost management as their primary source of financial stability – COVID-19 highlighted the growing importance of the value-based care model for primary care practices.

Now the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare sector clearly showed that the health systems should be more aligned with value for better healthcare delivery. In this article, we explained the best tips to speed up your value-based care delivery in 2021.

How Value-Based Care Improve Mental Health?

Value-based care rewards healthcare providers for achieving successful outcomes with their patients. Rather than the additional fee for service model, value-based care helps patients to reduce the impact of chronic disease.

This innovative model has expanded the focus of decreasing medical errors, reducing costs, and achieving better health for clients. Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to this value-based healthcare model to achieve better results. In this article, we discussed how value-based care improve mental health

Smart Guide To Value Based Care & Care Coordination

As healthcare shifted towards value-based care, the importance of care coordination has been gradually improved. The healthcare organizations that are currently participating in value-based care models are facing a huge set of challenges with integrating, managing, and tracking care coordination and communication capabilities within the provider’s network. Why because care coordination serves to be very crucial in improving patient outcomes.

How To Achieve Patient Engagement For Value Based Care Success

Today the value-based healthcare delivery is trending than ever. Healthcare providers are started concentrating more on the technologies and tools to achieve value-based care effectively. But this won’t be possible and successful without strong patient engagement.

Looking forward to 2022

With so many healthIT platform updates taking place this past year, many of the healthcare experts will be very eager and looking forward towards 2022 software updates. Finally, we’re still a long way off from the end of the pandemic, so focusing on providing the best value-based care is very important.

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