What is Mirth Connect?

Mirth Connect is an open-source integration engine designed to facilitate
the exchange of health-related data between various healthcare systems and
applications. Mirth Connect acts as a middleware, enabling seamless interoperability and
communication between disparate systems by transforming, routing, and managing data

How Mirth Connect Works?

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    Mirth Connect operates based on channels, which define the flow and transformation of data. Each channel represents a specific integration task or workflow

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    Mirth Connect supports a wide range of connectors to interact with different systems & protocols. It includes connectors for various healthcare standards like HL7, DICOM, and IHE profiles, as well as general-purpose connectors like HTTP, TCP, and JDBC

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    Source & Destination

    Channels have a source connector and a destination connector. The source connector retrieves data from the source system or application, while the destination connector sends the transformed data to the desired destination

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    Data Transformation

    Mirth Connect provides a powerful and flexible transformation engine that allows you to manipulate & transform data as it flows through the channel. You can use a graphical interface to design custom transformations using JavaScript

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    Filters & Routing

    Mirth Connect allows you to set up filters and rules to route messages to different destinations based on specific criteria. This enables conditional routing of data, ensuring that messages are directed to the appropriate systems or processes

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    Message Queuing

    Mirth Connect can also manage message queues, allowing for reliable and asynchronous processing of data. It ensures that messages are processed in the order they are received and provides features like guaranteed delivery and message persistence

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    Logging & Monitoring:

    Mirth Connect offers comprehensive logging and monitoring capabilities. It logs detailed information about message processing, errors, and system activity, which can be used for troubleshooting, auditing, and performance analysis

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    Administrative Interface

    Mirth Connect provides a web-based administrative interface that allows you to manage channels, configure connectors, monitor activity, and perform various administrative tasks

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    Interface Engine

    Connects various healthcare systems like EHR, laboratory information systems, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), etc. It supports different messaging standards, including HL7, CDA, DICOM, etc

    Data Transformation

    Offers powerful data transformation capabilities. Allows users to transform data between different formats, databases, or structures. Useful for data enrichment, aggregation, and integration with other systems or databases

    Message Transformation

    Allows users to transform messages between different data formats & standards. Provides a graphical interface for mapping, manipulating, and validating data. Enables the translation of data from one system's format to another

    Channel Development

    Provides a channel development environment where users can create and configure integration workflows. It includes tools for designing, testing, and deploying interfaces. Supports the creation of both simple and complex interfaces, depending on the requirements


    Allows users to extend its functionality through custom scripting and plugins. It supports scripting languages like JavaScript and offers a range of built-in functions and libraries for advanced customization

    Message Routing

    Enables the routing of messages based on specific criteria. Supports complex routing rules, allowing messages to be directed to different destinations based on their content, source, or other attributes


    Supports various communication protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP(S), FTP(S), etc. It can communicate with different systems using different protocols simultaneously, making it versatile for integration scenarios

    Advantages of Mirth Connect

    • Flexibility to connect and integrate with diverse healthcare systems
    • The open-source nature encourages community collaboration and innovation
    • Powerful data transformation capabilities for seamless communication
    • Adaptability to handle high volumes of data and transactions
    • Efficient processing and high message throughput
    • Comprehensive channel development environment for easy configuration and management
    • Supports multiple messaging standards, communication protocols, and data formats
    • Extensive community resources and support are available
    • Cost-effective solution compared to proprietary integration engines
    • Continuous improvement and updates are driven by community contributions

    Why Use CapMinds Mirth Connect Services?

    Enhanced Interoperability

    Our services facilitate seamless integration & communication between disparate systems & we ensure that data flows smoothly between different applications, departments, and external partners

    Increased Efficiency & Productivity

    With CapMinds Mirth Connect, automate & streamline your data exchange and integration workflows. This leads to increased operational efficiency & reduced manual interventions

    Improved Data Accuracy & Quality

    We provide tools for data validation, cleansing, and enrichment, ensuring that the exchanged data is accurate, consistent, and of high quality. This leads to improved data integrity and reliability

    Cost Savings

    Mirth Connect being an open-source integration engine eliminates the need for expensive proprietary software licenses. This results in significant cost savings, making it a cost-effective solution for your integration needs

    Scalability & Future-Proofing

    Our services are designed to handle high volumes of data and transactions, making them scalable to accommodate growing practice needs. It can easily adapt to changes & expansions within the organization

    Customization & Extensibility

    Our services allow you to customize & extend your functionality to meet your specific needs and support custom scripting and plugins, enabling the implementation of complex business logic & integration with specialized systems or workflows

    Why Choose CapMinds ?

    • Provide a comprehensive approach to care
    • Improve outcomes with coordinated care
    • We put the “clients” as the center of success
    • We include clinical best practice protocols
    • We create solutions that exceed market expectations

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