What is medical credentialing ?

Medical credentialing is a process of verifying and assessing the health provider’s qualifications, including education qualification, career history, training experience, residency, and license specialty certificates (if any), and other qualification details

CapMinds credentialing service

  • Collects and reviews all necessary documentation to ensure completeness & accurateness before submitting to the payer
  • Relieves staff and providers of the time-consuming tasks of enrolling & re- credentialing with both government and commercial payers
  • Ensures all providers are credentialed in a timely fashion to avoid delays in payment or loss of reimbursement
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  • Maintains relationships with thousands of payers across all states & manage all communication and follow-up through approval of applications
  • Works closely with our billing team to monitor any denials and communicates with payers for prompt resolution
  • Ensures healthcare organizations are free from liability risks and protected against malpractice claims

How CapMinds help you ?

CapMinds credentialing services help you to track your credentialing status easily from anywhere & at any time and provide an option to set up alerts that inform you if any task is about to expire or is due in your RCM cycle

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