Moving Healthcare To The Cloud: Why It Matters Today?

Moving Healthcare To The Cloud:

Cloud computing is a popular option for all people and businesses for several reasons including cost savings, increased productivity, speed and efficiency, performance, and security.


Data Analytics In Healthcare: 5 Major Challenges & Solutions

Data Analytics In Healthcare:

In today’s digital world, the healthcare providers have become more familiar with the notion that data analytics can help them a lot to drive informed clinical decision making. But nowadays organisations are also struggling to implement the best tools that will allow them to truly succeed with health management.


Top Challenges With Mental Health EHR Systems In 2022 [Updated]

mental health EHR challenges

As a result of COVID-19, mental health practice software is gaining increasing attention. Mental health app developments come in many forms, and one such is mental health EHR software. These solutions are loaded with advantages for healthcare providers and patients alike.


Closing Healthcare Gaps With Advanced Interoperability in 2022

Advanced Interoperability in 2022

Today, for health plans, the gaps in providing quality care have a serious effect on the health outcomes of members. To overcome these care gaps, healthcare payers must improve their ability to access data by making necessary changes to their health IT infrastructure.


Remote Patient Monitoring: Moving Towards Digital Transformation In 2022

Remote Patient Monitoring

Today It’s very hard to pinpoint things that haven’t been digitized over the past two years. The first and foremost field that aptly fits into this trend is the healthcare industry.  This digital transformation of healthcare has prevented many of us from the Covid, and at the same time helped us to remain connected with our regular checkups, get medications online, and so on.


FHIR Success Story: A Large Healthcare Company’s Experience With CapMinds HL7 FHIR Services


Today, the healthcare industry is moving fast towards a major digital transformation. Most healthcare organizations are seeking to transform themselves into an innovative digital space. Here is how a U.S based healthcare company took advantage of CapMinds FHIR implementation services.


The Healthcare Marketing Trends Of 2022 (The Ultimate Guide)

The Healthcare Marketing Trends Of 2022

The healthcare marketing world moves faster and smarter today. And, in 2021, we saw a great evolution of how quickly the healthcare industries raised their growth.


2021 Let’s Wrap It Up: The 15 Best HL7 FHIR Blogs Of CapMinds

FHIR serves to be a 2022’s hot topic in healthcare industry. So, don’t miss to read out this 15 best HL7 FHIR blogs of CapMinds.


Year In Review 2021: The Top 6 Remote Patient Monitoring Blogs

Remote patient monitoring and telehealth are the most discussed topics in the healthcare industry 2021. The Covid-19 brought telehealth and RPM solutions great popularity. So, here we have listed out the top 6 popular remote patient monitoring blogs of 2021.


CapMinds Recap: The best Value-Based Care blogs Of 2021

Despite facing a still-raging pandemic, value-based care rose to be one of the biggest challenges to the healthcare industry in 2021. Here’s our recap of the year’s most important value-based care news.


How FHIR Improves Healthcare Interoperability?

FHIR Improves Healthcare Interoperability

Interoperability in healthcare has been a significant focus in the past decade both in legislation such as the 21st Century Cures Act and in the health tech industry. APIs are serving as a crucial developmental space towards improved interoperability, and many electronic health records (EHR) vendors are deploying them to improve integrated software offerings.


Advanced Guide To Automated Claim Processing In Healthcare

Automated Claim Processing In Healthcare

With virtual health practices like telehealth are coming up, it is becoming more critical to manage bill payments and claims to process systematically. The medical billing cycle is a complex system consisting of processes, including medical records management, patient data management, etc.


Predictive Analytics In Healthcare: Benefits & Use Cases

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed the healthcare industry to meet the new patient needs – who preferred to receive care remotely from their comfort location. This created a huge physical distance between the healthcare providers and the patients.


The What & Why’s Of SMART On FHIR?


SMART on FHIR is assured to completely transform the data interoperability. Here is all you need to know about what is SMART and how it will improve the future of digital healthcare.


Advanced Guide To Mental Health Billing

Advanced Guide To Mental Health Billing

Mental health billing differs from medical billing because of certain variables that are inherent to providing mental health treatment. This guide can help you understand the mental health billing process and set up systems that make the whole affair easier.


Chronic Care Management: 6 Best Practices To Follow

The Chronic Care Management (CCM) program offers value-based reimbursement to providers caring for patients with chronic conditions. The CCM program offers greater access to care and lowered care costs for patients at risk of hospitalization.


Choosing The Right HL7 Standards For Better Patient Care?

In today’s technological world, healthcare experts are looking for smart ways for healthcare information exchange. New to HL7 standards? How to choose the best HL7 standard for your healthcare practice to achieve better patient care? Here is all you need to know about healthcare standards and how to make the right choice.


Mental Health EHR: 5 Major Features To Consider

When looking for a mental health EHR for your facility, there are many features that you will need to consider to enable you to take advantage of the latest in technology. These features will be the difference between a clunky, inefficient system and a smoothly running facility that gets the most out of its EHR and not only meets—but exceeds—your needs. Even better, a great mental health EHR makes a real difference in the experience of your patients.


How To Choose The Best RPM Partner?: 6 Must-Follow Tips

How To Choose The Best RPM Partner?

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring are valuable tools to add as a benefit to your patients and their overall healthcare. The Covid-19 pandemic has only sped up the adoption of these technologies in everyday life. Many companies have seemingly sprouted up overnight promising to be the best on the market, with an array of technologically advanced devices and services.


What Is HL7? [Learn it in 5 minutes]

What Is HL7?

Do you know what is HL7 and how it is used in healthcare today?

Well, before we go into the basics of HL7 and the advanced tactics of HL7 integration, this article explains to you all about what HL7 is.