What Is HL7? [Learn it in 5 minutes]

What Is HL7?

Do you know what is HL7 and how it is used in healthcare today?

Well, before we go into the basics of HL7 and the advanced tactics of HL7 integration, this article explains to you all about what HL7 is.


5 Value-Based Care Challenges You Probably Don’t Know

5 Value-Based Care Challenges You Probably Don't Know

The shift from volume-based care to value-based care has completely transformed the healthcare industry. Value-based care is a form of healthcare reimbursement based on quality and clinical outcomes, as opposed to the number of services provided.


#Trending: Paper Vs Electronic Medical Records

Paper Vs Electronic Medical Records

According to 2019 data from Statista, $3,360 billion has been spent on technology worldwide.

Today technology is all around us – be it in the healthcare sector, education, manufacturing, etc. So healthcare providers are showing more interest in Electronic Medical Records than paper-based records – even for a small clinic or a multi-specialty practice.


Whats Makes FHIR A Way Forward In Healthcare?

Whats Makes FHIR A Way Forward In Healthcare?

The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) is a standard and set of guidelines that dictate how information is presented and transmitted. In simplified terms, FHIR (pronounced “fire”) is an agreed-upon language into which information is translated so it can be easily shared across platforms and systems. This system allows for the secure exchange of clinical, administrative, and other healthcare information.


The New Tech Trend: Wearables For More Preventive Healthcare

Wearables For More Preventive Healthcare

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a greater need for the advancement of tech devices. The people who are most in need of accessing healthcare services, such as those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged or of the older generation, have experienced the greatest difficulty in accessing in-person care.


How CapMinds EHR Helped A Dermatology Practice To Succeed?

CapMinds EHR

A U.S based dermatology practice has previously worked with various electronic health records to improve clinical workflow and patient outcomes.

The problem

None of the EHRs has offered crucial features like online check-in for patients before arrival, healthcare monitoring, and electronic prescription on the practice’s budget and needs. If they did, that was not done based on the practice needs and also incredibly expensive.

The best solution- switching to CapMinds EHR

When the provider was opening his new practice, he thought to go with the best EHR that reduces their administrative burden.

That’s why he landed at CapMinds.

The provider was very happy with the features and prices of CapMinds EHR.

His words ‘’ CapMinds offers the best EHR implementation with advanced and most trending features. They offer online scheduling, a user-friendly patient portal, telehealth for a virtual care experience. ‘’I could easily able to create a seamless experience for my patients by integrating medical billing and telehealth solutions with EHR’’ he explained.

The best online appointment scheduling features and electronic prescription ultimately cuts down on administrative burden and reduce no-show rates. With the use of EHR, the practice is also able to increase the number of patients and appointment rates with less cost and time.

CapMinds allows him to have patients schedule their appointments based on their schedule and also cancel on their own.


Overcoming the challenges

Now the dermatology practice uses the CapMinds dermatology EHR available tools such as the patient portal to allow patients to schedule or reschedule and cancel appointments.  The patient charting feature helps the practice to reduce the process of documenting visits today.

As the healthcare world is moving towards the digital landscape, both patients and providers wish to access and provide healthcare online with ease of convenience.

For the dermatology practice, more than 90% of patients are scheduling their healthcare appointments online. With the help of the best EHR software, patients can easily able to book appointments and manage their visits quickly.

He reported ‘’all my patients are getting photos of pretreatments. Before the start of every procedure, they are now able to complete patient intake forms from their comfort place. This helps me to get all the important informations about the patients before their visit – that’s possible because of CapMinds EHR.

Also, it is very easy to generate meaningful use reports, clinical and financial reports just with a few clicks.

The provider said that he has built one of the best dermatology practices in the healthcare market today. He is now able to take care of the 3 branches with only a few employees. He was proud to say that the success of his practice relied on the software technology he used for his practice.

He mentioned patient satisfaction as the main reason for the success of our EHR technology. Today he is also planning to expand his office from 3 to 5 branches.

‘’When people visit my practice, with the help of CapMinds EHR – I can completely take care of my patients by easily booking appointments, setting up a patient profile, and everything is done virtually and of course quickly. This saved my resources and time that would be needed to schedule and reschedule appointments manually, answer phone calls, manual patient intake process, and so on’’ he added.

The advanced EHR features and automation helps my practice staff to spend less time with manual works and more time on improving practice efficiency.

Getting started

Using the best EHR implementation services can make a practice enjoy a seamless patient experience, better patient outcomes, and improved practice revenue. As physician burn-out is increasing day by day, automation is one of the best choices to succeed in the healthcare marketplace. That’s why the dermatology practice made the right choice by getting started with CapMinds EHR services.

Thinking about switching to a new EHR? That’s a good decision to go for the best.

Today most the physicians are planning to switch to new EHR system for the following reasons:

  • Existing product not user-friendly (33%)
  • interoperability with practice management system (31%)
  • Need more customization options (27%)
  • Want better customer support (20%)
  • The existing product isn’t certified for Meaningful Use (19%)
  • Cost-driven (16%)

And most of the top healthcare practices are happy to get started with CapMinds EHR because of:

  • User-friendly meaningful use EHR dashboard
  • Customized EHR features based on the practice needs
  • Specially designed software for clinics and hospitals to deliver fast and effective care.
  • e-Prescription and renewal
  • Lab results – Different online laboratories can receive data for analysis and send the results back.
  • Appointment scheduling and management
  • Document tracking and management
  • Custom superbills & encounter forms

With the advanced features, CapMinds EHR helps your practice more efficiently. If you are looking for the best healthcare delivery for your medical practices, CapMinds will be on the top to consider first.

CapMinds best dermatology EHR software is specialized to store patient’s health data electronically and can easily be managed by dermatologists and other clinicians involved in patient’s medical treatment. Our dermatology EHR includes specialty-specific templates including intake forms, lab orders, test results, and more.

Schedule a quick demo with our expert team to discuss EHR implementation for your practice today.

HL7 FHIR Guide: All About FHIR Workflow


Today FHIR has become the widely used HL7 standard by most of the top healthcare organizations. FHIR – A scalable standard use in a variety of contexts including EHR-based data sharing, server communication, mobile applications, and more. Here is all you need to know about FHIR workflow and how FHIR helps to achieve true interoperability.


Advanced Guide To Cloud Computing In Healthcare

Cloud Computing In Healthcare

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The Best Post Covid-19 Remote Patient Monitoring Strategies To Follow

Post Covid-19 Remote Patient Monitoring Strategies
Post Covid-19 Remote Patient Monitoring Strategies

Remote patient monitoring is a new kind of digital service revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered in the U.S. today. The healthcare practices making the right use of RPM are not only able to deliver effective care but also gain more financial benefits.


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It’s not a secret that both HL7 and FHIR are important for achieving greater interoperability, but you need to decide where you should focus the most. Is an HL7 V2 or FHIR important more for your practice?


7 Benefits Of Mental Health EHR For Your Practice [Complete Guide]

7 Benefits Of Mental Health EHR For Your Practice

This year, the need for an EHR system rose to an all-time high. As the healthcare market is shifting towards a digital presence, even the small clinics realized that they need the best EHR software to accelerate the shift to digital, improve productivity and deliver quality care to their patients.


Chronic Care Management: How To Do It Right? [Updated For 2022]

Chronic Care Management 2022

It is predicted that the U.S people with multiple chronic conditions is expected to grow from 141 million in 2010 to 171 million by 2030. So before getting started with the implementation of the CCM program, it’s important to understand the benefits and challenges to successful Chronic Care Management.


Top 3 Real Time FHIR Applications In Healthcare

FHIR Applications In Healthcare

The advanced healthcare industry has grasped the emergence of the HL7® FHIR® standard, a next-generation standard framework created by HL7. The FHIR® standard is majorly being adopted for integration projects worldwide. 


How To Choose The Best Cardiology EHR For Your Practice?

How To Choose The Best Cardiology EHR For Your Practice?

Today there are plenty of EHR choices available in the market. But when it comes to EHRs specially designed for cardiology practices are very few. A cardiology EHR is one solution that not only improves the practice efficiency but also the quality measures and manages referrals.


How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Boost Home Health?

Digital health is the wave of the future in health care. We’ve heard many times that the COVID-19 pandemic brought telehealth greater popularity—but telehealth can’t do it all. While providers can “see” patients with a telehealth visit, they can’t check and monitor vital signs. The increased use of telehealth during the pandemic exposed some of the limitations of the technology. Vital sign readings such as blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation were missing from the conversation.  


How FHIR Supports Quality Measurement In Healthcare?

Doctors’ clipboards still hang outside their patients’ doors. But the handwritten notes don’t tell the complete story. Today’s health records are electronic, and quality measurement is following suit. It takes the right tools to measure healthcare outcomes, which in turn makes improvements possible. More and more, we are seeing FHIR take its place as one of these tools.


Top 4 Remote Technologies For Chronic Care Management

Remote Technologies For Chronic Care Management

As the healthcare industry quickly tips toward a largely remote business, providers are confronted with a key challenge: how can they engage their chronic disease management populations?


The Expert’s Guide To Choose The Best Specialty EHRs

specialty EHRs

Today specialty EHR platforms serve to be the backbone of any specialty healthcare practice. Reducing the data entry process, providing customized templates based on the practice needs, documentation, and allowing providers to spend more time caring for patients are the special features to look for in the Specialty EHR software.


Data Sharing In Healthcare: A Key Towards Interoperability

In today’s modern healthcare today, data is everything. From health-focused smartphone apps to the electronic health records (EHRs) doctors and hospitals manage, data is being collected on a massive scale that could offer invaluable insights into individual and population-wide behavior and health trends that could transform how healthcare providers operate and deliver care.


Top 5 Ways To Schedule Your Patients With The Help Of EHR Software

Schedule Your Patients With The Help Of EHR Software

Scheduling patients is one of the most common tasks performed by healthcare practices. So, ensuring your patients are scheduled effectively is very important to maximize your practice revenue.