What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring has the right potential to enhance quality healthcare delivery in the fight against uncertain circumstances. CapMinds assists healthcare providers in implementing & integrating RPM solutions into their practice & providing aid to;
  • Monitor & analyze patient healthcare
  • Engage with patients virtually to modify care plans
  • Educate patients on health conditions
  • Empower patients to use digitally connected devices
  • Let them share health data with healthcare professionals
  • Manage acute and chronic conditions
  • Allows better physiological monitoring
  • Reduces patients’ travel costs and infection risks

Secure Patient Portal

For Patients

  • Real-time live healthcare support
  • Easy access to the physicians
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Reduces unnecessary clinic visits
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For Healthcare Practices

  • Consistent monitoring of patient health
  • Increased practice productivity and revenue
  • Reduces costs from re-admissions
  • Reduced Burden on Healthcare Systems

CapMinds RPM Process

  • A wireless-enabled sensor measures physiological parameters & stores the collected data
  • The storage connects with additional sensors, provider databases, and associated applications
  • These apps give users an interface to monitor or analyze data & provide treatments suggestions
  • The data acquired by RPM devices are then sent to a specific location & stored in a relational database
  • The devices alert patients when their provider goes through the data or finds issues that demand their attention
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Why choose capMinds RPM?

  • Fully compliant billing
  • Secure & HIPAA compliant
  • Practice specific support
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reduced hospitalizations
  • Efficient Remote Physiologic & Therapeutic Monitoring
  • Better at-home chronic care management
  • Simple new patient enrolment
  • Manual & automated patient data access
  • Customizable notification system

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