Increased Appointment Turnout

  • Providers endure financially when appointments are missed because of minute-ago cancellations
  • Our RPA implementation automates scheduling and sends appointment reminders to patients beforehand
  • Specialists can amplify the number of patients every day, expanding profitability and productivity

Automated Monitoring of Accounts Payable/Receivable

  • Our RPA solutions help providers to boost their financial performance by monitoring accounts payable and receivable
  • Payments will be made and received faster with RPA Claims Management
  • Make faster transactions automatically without manual monitoring thus improving billing efficiency and reducing write-offs
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Paper-less Patient Records

  • CapMinds’ End-to-End automation drastically reduces data migration errors and data duplications
  • The increased accuracy from RPA will allow for maintaining up-to-date health information and reduction of human errors
  • Achieve accurate exchange of patient medical records, treatment history, lab reports, etc., with CapMinds RPA solutions

Improvement in Patient Experience

  • Our RPA solutions help automate tasks like data digitalization, appointment scheduling, and inventory tracking
  • Spend more time with patients for value-based care, practice growth and reduce no-show rates
  • RPA shortens wait times and will allow access to medical records and make easy online bill payments

Automate Data Transformation

  • Automate extraction of data and data management across clinical apps, LIS, and third-party portals
  • Achieve better data transformation across insurance portals, radiology data systems, and scheduling applications
  • Automate process activities utilizing intelligent rules-based robots that connect with applications like EHR systems

Enhancing the workflow & operational efficiency of Gynecology Care with RPA

An established practice led by a team of senior gynaecologists from one of the largest government healthcare institutions in the US. Provides care to thousands of women across the country with their years of expertise and experience in the field

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Increased users with chatbot integrated on Whatsapp that led them to connect with users and send targeted alerts

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Efficiency doubled to 98% with Facebook chatbot integration with automated & optimized booking appointments

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Health packages sales increased with chatbot giving vital data on the target group, services involved, and pricing
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