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CapMinds as a well-renowned HL7 Standard & FHIR Service provider will excel in satisfying your healthcare HL7 needs. We always stay with the race & offer our clients up-to-date and latest versions of HL7

Eliminate the Challenges of Working with Hl7 Messages

HL7 Messages are used worldwide, but we know that dealing with them is very tough for many systems. Not every system works with the language smoothly. CapMinds’ HL7 integration engine acts as an interpreter, allows your existing application to create HL7 interfaces, and works with the language removing barricades. We will balance the communication and ensure it is faster, more secure, genuine, and economical for making your travel to success easier

Real-time Data Access & Fast Healthcare Delivery

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a next-generation standards framework created by HL7 powering communications API to simplify implementation while preserving data integrity
  • To effectively convey medical solutions, healthcare applications should be able to share, integrate, exchange, and retrieve data between themselves
  • With HL7 FHIR your data will be available, discoverable, and understandable while maintaining structure and standardization
  • HL7 standard helps in characterizing the best possible transmission of information between healthcare applications


HL7 Integration Solutions

  • Latest HL7 standards for patient health records(EHR & EMR)
  • Patient care data(CCD)
  • Pharmaceutical information(SPL)
  • User Interfaces(CCOW)
  • Clinical documents(CDA) and messaging
  • JSON & XML web services to program FHIR for real-time Clinical Decision Support(CDS)
  • Clinical information sharing
  • Medical Logic Modules(MLM)

HL7 Interface Development

  • HL7 interoperability standards to interface EHR/EMR
  • Labs
  • eRX
  • Medical devices
  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Practice Management Systems (PMS)
  • Billing software 
  • Develops interface engines to standardize & quick communication between various systems in the healthcare industry

Third-Party HL7 Implementations

  • Implementation services start from the complete evaluation of legacy healthcare systems to design the best custom or proprietary interfacing solutions
  • We use interface engines like 
    • Mirth (Connect)
    • Infor (CloverLeaf) 
    • Qvera (QIE)
    • Cerner (OPENLink)
    • SmileCDR
    • iNTERFACEWARE (Iguana)
    • Orion Health (Rhapsody)

HL7 Viewer Programming

  • We engineer desktop & mobile apps for the survey, parsing, filtering, and altering of HL7 messages
  • Offer automated & manual HL7 testing software for validating HL7 messages for greater accuracy of information sharing across health systems

Ensured Compliance With Meaningful Use & HIPAA

CapMinds HL7 Interfaces ensure compliance with regulatory standards set by 

  • The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Office of the National Coordinator-Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • HITECH’s Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2 (MU-1 & MU-2)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 
  • International Organization for Standardization

Why CapMinds for HL7 FHIR services?

  • Improve your healthcare organization’s workplace productivity by simplifying day-to-day operations
  • Get the best-combined features of HL7’s Version 2, Version 3, and CDA® while leveraging the latest web standards to maximize interoperability
  • Exploit the expertise to design, develop, and manage a comprehensive HL7 interface compliant with required standards, specifications, and formats
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Maintain data structure and standardization with FHIR®

  • CapMinds healthcare integration experts provide you with world-class services and support
  • Ranging from implementing simple HL7 integrations to hosting and managing your organization’s full healthcare integration infrastructure get everything you need
  • Excel in connecting healthcare with the enterprise-level HL7 FHIR services

Entitle the healthcare providers


Integrate healthcare systems using standard interoperability solutions like HL7/DICOM with care coordination & seamless data exchange

Payor Integration

Integrate OpenEMR with clearing houses like officeAlly, Availity etc. Integrations are automated & bi-directional

Device Integration (IoT)

IoT connects healthcare devices & equipment to share data. Quality of care improves with Consulting & Implementation

Payment Integration

Integrate payment gateways to accept card payments from patients. Wide options & on-time hospital cashflow for patients

Analytics & AI

Clinical analytics, financial analytics, Quality of Care analytics and Patient predictive analytics to achieve your goal

Communication Integration

Integrate communication gateways like RingCentral, zoom & Twilio. Ensured clinical and financial communications

Cloud & Security

Enterprise Security (2FA, SSO), Cloud Services, Virtualization Services, Database and Data Services

Integrating HL7, FHIR, & API Capabilities with CapMinds

The company is a consulting organization that promotes quality healthcare through contracts with federal, state, and local governments and private organizations. Interoperability was their major challenge

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Scaled the solution well and got new connections with rapid interface development under the demanded timeline

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Increased interoperability with no costs per connection, interface, or transaction fees, extra fees for test instances and development

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Increased the working speed by 30 times with demos of the product functionalities and hands-on exercises
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