Achieve faster practice growth in a short time with fewer burdens. CapMinds as one of the top medical practice management solution providers reduces time-consuming tasks, facilitates data sharing, helps catch claim errors and denials early, and supports unique billing requirements to boost productivity & deliver seamless handoffs across departments

Our Features

Simplify patient records

  • Get a well organized complete medical record of your patients in one place with the ability to view and update patient’s health history & insurance details
  • Simplify your patient record, reduce your paperwork and save your precious time
  • Our EHR system helps you view healthcare data consolidated neatly in this solution
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Streamline scheduling

  • Our practice management solution makes scheduling simple and easy
  • Our multi-view calendar & drag-and-drop online patient appointment scheduling helps manage your practice’s scheduling process
  • Verify insurance eligibility in advance, book & confirm appointments across locations, control upcoming appointments and track tests & check-ups

Optimize billing

  • Speed up the entire billing process by preventing rejections and denials by the payer 
  • The customizable claims rules help you optimize the claim in real-time increasing the practice’s profitability
  • CapMinds intuitive ICD-10 coding-assisted solution ensures coding accuracy, decreases denials
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Our Practice Management Features

Comprehensive appointment scheduling

Automatic appointment reminders

Secure chat system

Online patient portal

Insurance verification

Clinical dashboard and reports

What makes Capminds practice management solutions best for your need?

  • Satisfies providers by supporting quality patient care with the best practice management services
  • Improves contract reimbursement negotiations stemming from today’s complex models
  • Improves cost control with increased efficiency
  • Reduces admin burden with our tailored solutions to maximize your independent practice
  • Strengthens practice performance with profitability analysis to deliver outstanding patient care & drive revenue

Empower your practice be future ready at every stage

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