Get your healthcare practice’s fundamental segment secured with CapMinds Health IT Compliance “A to Z” services. Abide your practice under the proper and updated rules, guidelines, laws and regulations & ensure patient data protection, security and billing

CapMinds Health-IT Compliance

  • AES 256 Encryption   
  • SOC2
  • HL7 Standards
  • 21 CFR Part 11′ Compliance
  • The HiTech Act

Protection from audit-related penalties

  • Put audit-related penalties away with our HIPAA-regulated standards
  • CapMinds follow the strictly standardized and updated compliances provided by healthcare regulatory entities to perfectly protect you
  • We ensure detailed completion of documentation so that you can avoid challenges with credibility and ensure business continuity

Secured patient information

  • Secure patient information from vulnerabilities with CapMinds health-IT compliance
  • Our compliance in medical services will ensure delivering well-protected, quality, safe, patient care along with HIPAA
  • Exploit innovations to keep medical records safer along with making them available for integration across authorized systems

Complying with HIPAA

  • Improve the quality of care by complying with HIPAA and other industry and regulations
  • Protect the privacy and interests of your patients with national standards like HIPAA Privacy Rule & HIPAA Security Rule
  • Our Compliance services are secured and standardized under official regulations which eliminate the fear of breaching confidentiality and loss of health data

Business continuity & disaster recovery

  • Our compliance includes and is not limited to FISMA, FTC act, FDA, IEC 62304, BYOD, and Mobile app guidelines
  • Get the operational and functional continuity of your businesses & overcome and recover from any digital threats easily
  • Our services and solutions are HIPAA-compliant which in short ensures the safety of data from cyberattacks and losses

Empower your practice be future ready at every stage

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