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    transformation of ideas into business realization. Process of turning ideas into actionable plans, with the lightbulb symbolizing the realization of those plans
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    HL7 FHIR

    The perfect standard for narrating data formats, elements, and application programming interface (API) for facilitating the smooth exchange of Electronic Health Records (EHR)



    HL7 FHIR SMART defines client authorization, authentication, and integration with FHIR-based data systems. It assures the complete transformation of interoperability in healthcare

    "HL7 International logo and HL7 as Health Level Seven International"


    HL7 international is the one that sets perfect and unified standards for healthcare interoperability. It’s the residence of the next-gen standard FHIR

    HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance and the protection of patient's sensitive health information


    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, created national standards to secure delicate and sensitive patient information from being exploited without consent

    SNOMED CT concept model showing hierarchical relationships between clinical terms, including preferred terms, synonyms, and broader/narrower concepts.


    A non-profit organization that provides facilitates safe, error-free, and effective health information exchange by determining the best global standards for health terminology



    The International Classification of Diseases is the worldwide used diagnostic tool for clinical purposes, health management, and more. It is maintained by the WHO

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      CapMinds interoperability using HL7-FHIR skills are deep technical. Their consulting and implementations are very impresive
      CapMinds's smart team effectively handles our RCM / Medical Billing with improved collections & reduced aging. CapMinds robotic automation process provides greater TAT and accuracy
      CapMinds's smart team effectively handles our RCM / Medical Billing with improved collections & reduced aging. CapMinds robotic automation process provides greater TAT and accuracy
      CapMinds impeccable communication, punctuality & technical skill in HL7 and Lab interfaces have positioned them for a multi-client & long-lasting engagement

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