Mirth Connect: The Trending HL7 Interface Engine [features & benefits]

Mirth Connect is an open-source, healthcare interface engine that connects many health information technology systems for a faster, easier and more secure exchange of messages.

Mirth integration tools make integration easier and accept almost all top-running message standards like HL7, EDI, X12, etc. This software helps to navigate and translate data from one computer system to another.

Standards and Protocols Supported by Mirth Connect

  • JMS
  • SOAP
  • SMTP (over HTTP)
  • Https
  • File (local file system and network shares) /FTP/SFTP
  • JDBC
  • HL7
  • EDI/X12
  • XML

HL7 is the most popular and appraised with Mirth Connect out of various interface engines. HL7 is the populist in healthcare when it comes to standardization and protection of data exchanged.

Mirth Connect was designed to deal with HL7 message coordination and is the leading medical service integration engine. You can create, test, transport, and observe your interfaces. Messages can be dealt with ease and send notifications and suggestions effortlessly to maintain your pace and target.

Clinics deal with various health data systems like labs, pharmacies, etc, at various levels of frameworks and branches while having many conventions, incompleted data, and complicated forms. These dissimilarities create problems among systems of divisions. Mirth comes as the problem solver here. It supervises authoritative roles and tasks that you can make for users or admins.

Mirth Connect: How does it work?

Step 1: Download and install the software.

Step 2: Create a database to store Mirth configuration and message data

Step 3: Create the channel and test interface using a test environment

Step 4: Move to a live production environment

Mirth Architecture

Mirth architecture has four key components;

  1. Mirth Connect server: This is the back-end integration engine component and management interface. It performs message transformation, filtering, and transmission.
  2. Mirth Connect administrator: The Graphical User Interface (GUI) connects to the Mirth Connect server. Allows to configure interfaces, browse the message store, and monitor interface activity.
  3. Mirth Connection server manager: The Graphical User Interface (GUI) manages the Mirth Connect server. It displays log files and has other configuration settings for the Mirth Connect server.
  4. Mirth Connect command line interface: This is a command line tool that allows connection to the Mirth Connect server to deploy/export/import channels and carry out other admin tasks.

What are the Features of Mirth Connect?

  • Tracks interface statistics and connections
  • Views and reprocess messages
  • Potential to write custom connectors
  • Supports various transfer protocols
  • Supports numerous healthcare care data standards and formats 
  • Flexible databasing
  • Versatile interface tools
  • Prompt alerts and notifications

Advantages of Mirth Connect

  • Mirth Connect is an open-source and free software
  • It doesn’t need any manual labor/staff time regarding appointment booking
  • Due to NCQA Recognition, higher payment rates are allowed by a payer
  • It gives faster and more appropriate referral processing
  • It allows custom scripting and goes beyond choices in the User Interface accessible in its local installation
  • Mirth Connect is deployed in large numbers throughout the world due to its easiness
  • Mirth Connect interface is endorsed expertly by a healthcare development company called WebReach, California.
  • It is extremely adaptable. It can run on from affordable and small gadgets to large-scale enterprise admins and cloud-based setups.
  • Mirth Connect is exclusively extensible.
  • It satisfies all healthcare interoperability necessities.

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