Mirth Connect 4.1.0: Know what’s new

Mirth Connect integration tools make integration easier and accept almost all top-running message standards like HL7, EDI, X12, etc. This software helps to navigate and translate data from one computer system to another.

What is Mirth Connect? 

Mirth Connect is an open-source, healthcare interface engine that connects many health information technology systems for a faster, easier, and more secure exchange of messages.

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What is new with Mirth Connect 4.1.0?

  • This version of Mirth Connect includes new features like additional fields to the welcome to Mirth Connect screen, new event log messages, and new information included in alerts. 
  • It also includes many smaller updates and changes. 
  • This version release contains many improvements to commercial extensions.

What are the new features of Mirth Connect 4.1.0

  • Message ID is now included in alerts: Alerts produced by connector messages now contain the message ID.

  • Improved event log messages: Mirth Connect has added PHI Events that contain information to find when a message comprising PHI is accessed and what filter is used to query for PHI.
    • Also, when a channel message is removed, if the message has a patient ID, the related event will include that patient ID.
    • When a channel’s messages are pruned, the event that is logged will include the date thresholds used for pruning.

  • Welcome to Mirth Connect: The welcome screen contains additional fields for better communication with users who register & agree to get email updates and marketing messages from Mirth Connect.

  • Username displays on Mirth Connect administrator screen: When a user logs into Mirth Connect, the username will be displayed on the bottom left corner of the screen in addition to the first and/or last name, which is available.

  • New attributes search on events: The new Attributes field in the Advanced search filter dialog enables searching Events for a specific Name and/or Value within attributes.

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What are the fixed defects of Mirth Connect 4.1.0?

  • Channel dependency prompt: The Channel Dependency Dialog in Edit Channel view so that the user can deploy dependent channels at the same time with ease. Before this, the Channel Dependency Dialog was only made available in the Channels view.

  • Rest API channel transformer/filter order: Importing channels in JSON format via the Rest API caused transformer/filter steps to be defective before. This function now uses the sequence number to appropriately order the steps as designed.

  • Java 16+ compatibility: The previous versions of Mirth Connect in Java 16+ while running would have made you encounter errors when using Database Connectors or when using a DatabaseconnectionFactory in your Javascript code. Like the following;
    • Error: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: superclass access check failed: class com.mirth.connect.server.userutil.MirthCachedRowSet (in unnamed module @0x10af9340) cannot access class com.sun.rowset.CachedRowSetImpl (in module java.sql.rowset) because module java.sql.rowset does not export com.sun.rowset to unnamed module @0x10af9340
    • This was because their class MirthCachedRowSet expanded the proprietary class CachedRowSetImpl. In Java 16+ this is not allowed anymore by default.
    • To fix this issue, they updated the implementation of MirthCachedRowSet to no longer expanded  CachedRowSetImpl.

  • Fixed ambiguous timestamps in Mirth Connect administrator: Mirth Connect fixed an ambiguity relating to the timestamps in the Mirth Connect Administrator. Timestamps without the AM/PM label will use the 24-hour format now.

What are the security improvements in Mirth Connect 4.1.0?

Updated libraries: 

  • The log4j library is updated from 1.2.16 to 2.17.2. This is to exploit the new logging methods and eliminate vulnerability issues. The following CVEs have been taken care of by updating log4j libraries.
    • CVE-2022-23305
    • CVE-2022-23302
    • CVE-2021-4104
    • CVE-2019-17571
  • The XStream library is updated to version 1.4.19 to eliminate vulnerability issues found in AWS scans.
  • The Bouncy Castle library is updated to version 1.71 in core connect and all extensions, to eliminate vulnerability issues.  The following CVEs have been taken care of by updating the Bouncy Castle library.
    • CVE-2018-1000180
    • CVE-2018-1000613
  • The Jsch library is updated to version 0.1.55 to settle various issues.

What are the commercial extension improvements?

  • Advanced clustering: A rectification was made where in some situations, role controllers were left running on various nodes after a role moves from one node to another. This resulted in incorrect behavior like the channel queue being active on various nodes even when Guarantee Message Order is enabled.

  • Interoperability connector suite: The interoperability connector suite has updated options to proceed with eHealth Exchange validation standards. This new option is set to yes in the default and contains conditions in the header.

  • Mirth results v2 (CDR) plugin: Issues have been fixed where Mirth results (CDR) dependencies were not pulled down when reloading the resource.

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