Innovatory exchange

Better exchange creates new possibilities to grow

With better exchange come better results. CapMinds facilitates innovative data exchanges using smart FHIR-enabled high-end interoperability, integrated most for urgent care and services. We provide pathways for data exchange between EHRs, patient portals, practice management systems, and many more applications.

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Client Centered

We work by keeping our clients in the limelight

CapMinds services and solutions are client-focused. Our EHR interoperability enables sharing of medical data, clinical decision support, lab, and financial integrations, and more as a prime target with FHIR interoperability that benefits multiple practices at the same time.

Clinical Integration

Achieving efficient integration of clinics is our target

With our best HL7 FHIR standards and interoperability solutions, enhancing the organizational processes becomes easier. With our EHR integrated laboratory, imaging, e-prescriptions, EPCS, pharmacy, and more, practices can process without disruptions and attract patient satisfaction.

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Financial Integration

Providing financial integration is essential and we facilitate the same

Financial integrations and services like detailed claim transactions, financial transactions, clearinghouses, patient payment collections, payment processing, and more are handled by CapMinds. These integrations through electronic data interchange, allow a healthcare organization to fly above the ashes of problematic reimbursements.

Enhance Activation Process

Perfection and timing are the essence of digitalization

Enabling healthcare organizations to do everything on-time with utmost perfection and keeping client-centric in mind is the key goal of CapMinds. With our in-built integration core, we allow our clients to speed up their development processes and save themselves from wastage of time in bundles of admin works.

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