What is chronic care management ?

Today’s healthcare systems see about 50% of adult Americans have a serious chronic condition such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or dementia. Medicare considers patients eligible for chronic care management if they have two or more chronic conditions expected to last at least 12 months. Common chronic conditions include, however, are not restricted to asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, COPD, and heart disease.

CapMinds RPM Process

The patient’s healthcare data is collected remotely

The collected patient’s health information is transmitted to a health care provider in a different location

The healthcare data is evaluated and care providers are notified, as needed

Healthcare providers communicate appropriate health issues and provide effective solutions to patients' health conditions.

doctor checking patient

Why capminds chronic care management ?

Automatically Identify Eligible Patients

If your EMR has identified a patient as having two chronic conditions, the CapMinds system will automatically register that person as eligible for CCM and also guide you through setting up patient profiles manually.

Create And Assign Electronic Care Plans

CapMinds chronic care management solutions make the care plan process faster with editable templates. This allows practitioners to quickly choose the right features for each patient.

Record Accurate Patient Interaction Time

Our CCM system makes it easy to log time spent on communication with patients (by tracking calls and emails). Also easily view how much time you’ve logged per patient and structure your time accordingly.

Generate Effective Billing Reports

The CapMinds CCM Platform collects the specific information and then generates a single billing report based on the CMS guidelines for guaranteed reimbursement. The work is simply to review and send to your biller.

Customizable Workflow Processes

Our HIPAA compliant platform with built-in features let you define the access and also access user-specific access conditions.

Flag Patients By Health Condition

Increases the ability to catch new health concerns and complications faster and sooner by flagging patients based on their health conditions. This makes the identification and monitoring process easier.

At capminds we understand the importance of preventing care gaps in terms of revenue and outcomes