University Of Maryland: A Telehealth Grant Program Success Story

University of Maryland

CapMinds partnered with the University of Maryland on the U.S Federal Government Grant Program to implement integrated telehealth through community-based clinics specialized in behavioral & mental health in and around Maryland, Virginia.

University Of Maryland telehealth program was designed to meet the needs of their patients, and their families with limited access to health services. The platform provides synchronous telemedicine with complete EHR/EMR and medical device integration allowing for a comprehensive remote evaluation & care team coordination.

The program enables real-time consultations between patients and specialists. But also uses a store-and-forward modality to allow providers to review images and medical records at a later time. The outcomes of the program included shorter wait times for obtaining specialty consultations, higher treatment completion rates, lower no-show rates for appointments, and improved workflow efficiencies for patients, providers, and support staff.

The Grant Program Empower:

1. Enablement Of The Patient Portal: HIPAA-compliant Telehealth portal designed to simplify the interaction between patient and doctors from the comfort place. From patient safety to secure information transactions, the CapMinds telehealth platform transformed how doctors and patients interact every day. We worked closely with the client to design a user-friendly solution that included booking a quick appointment with respective providers for a follow-up phone or video call.

2. Automated Patient Signup: Greeted by a personalized welcome screen, patients can read, complete, and sign registration forms on a mobile tablet. Through seamless integration with the EMR, the solution pre-populates the digital registration forms with the patient information found in the electronic patient record.

3. 3rd Party Telecomm Integration (RingCentral): Empowers modern mobile and distributed workforces to communicate, collaborate, and connect via any mode, any device, and any location and enables customers to easily customize business workflows.

4. Document module enhancement to share various consent forms with the patient through the patient portal

5. Patent can find consent forms and upload other forms to the doctor, or healthcare provider, or clinics

Community Clinic Programs: Recognizing The Potential Value Of Telehealth

Clinical Group One:

A rural health center organization with 9 sites that serve patients over a vast geographical area in Virginia. The clinical group provides family practice, paediatrics, women’s health, mental & behavioral health, and other services including other specialty care results with 32 Facilities, 147 healthcare providers, 6155 visits, and 10,275 patients. The telehealth program served nearly 1,200 patients on their chronic disease management intending to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. More than 70% of the patients enrolled in the program and also experienced an 8% reduction in hospitalizations.

Clinical Group Two:

Being one of the largest community-based clinic agencies in Virginia, the clinical group conducts more than 5500 patient and 2600 visits with 10 facilities, 52 providers delivering an array of services including medical, preventive medicine, dental, mental health, behavioral health, radiology, and laboratory. They implemented telehealth services as a part of an effort to increase operational efficiency and improve health care delivery.

Patient Satisfaction With The Telehealth Program

The main goal of developing telehealth programs for the organizations was o increase access to specialty care and the clinical groups also reported such increased access in the form of a reduction in wait time with the enablement of a patient portal and automated patient signup.

Discussion with the clinical groups revealed that the overall patient satisfaction with the telehealth program has been high. Also they highlighted that telehealth has allowed patients to receive care in their primary care clinic, reducing wait times and saving patients money. 


Telehealth serves to be a cost-effective and efficient resource that improves the communication between patient and healthcare provider and it also can avoid unnecessary patient transfers within the system. While delivering the best standalone telehealth platform with integrated features to book an appointment, automated patient signup, health report download, and upload and easy billing solutions for our clinical groups, we managed to maintain necessary HIPAA compliance successfully.

The clinical Group was able to increase patient follow up, treatment quality and instant care treatments, and minimum no-show rates. Through the use of the University Of Maryland Telehealth Program, the clinical groups have greatly achieved benefits for their patients, physicians, and the healthcare system as a whole.

About CapMinds

CapMinds is an innovative reliable technology company specialized in Telehealth, OpenEMR, Medical Billing Services, RCM Services, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Interoperability & HL7-FHIR. Established in 2008, Washington DC Metro based CapMinds has built its credibility by successfully serving our clients and by paying meticulous attention to each of their customized needs.

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