Success Story: How CapMinds Telehealth Helps A Hospital Reduce ER Overflow

Reduction of ER overflow

A US-based well-reputed hospital that features a trauma center faced issues with overflowing ER hours due to improper and incomplete means to attend to patients.

The difficulties endured by them made them approach CapMinds. CapMinds provides services that ease practices’ workload with a team of experts in the field to help them set up everything.

Our fully automated AI-powered software services are built to save time and money while helping healthcare centers to focus on their pursuit of treating clients with effectiveness.

The Problem

The hospital we served is at the center of the city. It comes across approximately 240,000 patients every year, and because of its location, It continued to experience growth in the number of patients.

The main problem of the volume increase was most to its emergency department. The increased patient load led them to a confused and worrying situation. The hospital was famous for its psychiatric departments and they were the ones getting affected the most.

For solving all these issues, the hospital required an adaptable and innovative technology that allowed its psychiatrists to focus on in-patient care. They turned towards CapMinds Telehealth technology and services to ensure patients have access to a quick, effective, and appropriate psychiatric consultation.

CapMinds’ Interference And Proposal

The healthcare hospital through references and review reached CapMinds for addressing the problem. We provided our complete telehealth solutions and helped to get them started with the preliminary implementation processes.

Their neurology department already was using CapMinds’ telehealth solutions so the integration of psychiatric services into the platform which is already in existence made it practical.

Today, the healthcare hospital uses telehealth solutions, and the chain of psychiatrists through CapMinds, in times when the decision of admission or discharge of patients is indecisive to the attending ER physician and when the hospital’s psychiatrist is not available at once.

CapMinds’ telehealth platform facilitates faster reach to the on-demand psychiatric experts and enables their patients to receive quick consultations. This enables emergency departments to be efficient and helps patients move on to the next stage of care more easily and rapidly.

Meeting The Challenge

  • The collaboration between the hospital’s psychiatric nurse assessors, ER department physicians, and the CapMinds’ Telehealth on-demand psychiatrists has been important in making these things work out for both the patients and the hospital.
  • Enabling the department’s nurse assessors to interact with patients and address concerns allow telehealth psychiatrists to receive proper background and review of the patient’s individual needs.
  • The nurse assessor stays in the patient’s room during the telehealth assessment and communicates on behalf of the patient with the telehealth psychiatrist, and the ER department’s physician.
  • Both the providers then work along to create a care plan for the patient.


  • Since launching CapMinds’ telehealth and psychiatric program, the hospital’s ER department’s time of stay for psychiatric patients has been reduced by 65% approximately.
  • Addressing and treating this patient population has been more efficient and this means that the emergency department has understood the improved patient flow for the entire unit, producing and facilitating efficiency for the patient flow over all areas of the department.
  • Now the US-based hospital’s psychiatry provides 24/7 service, assisting the onsite staff in making decisions regarding admissions or discharges without specialized consultations.
  • The hospital is now providing a better quality of care for patients and upgraded telepsychiatry program workflows with reduced consultation time.

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