Top 4 Super Effective Types Of Medical Audit

Healthcare auditing plays a major role in improving the quality of care delivered to patients. Also, it helps healthcare organizations to remain up to date with the requirements and regulations. In the year 2021, quality healthcare audits are equally important for payers, patients, and providers.

A secret truth is that quality audits provide ultimate recommendations that address effective ways to improve your quality of services, control costs, and stay compliant with the latest regulations. So, here we present the top 4 super effective types of medical audits that will enhance your healthcare process.

Types Of Medical Audit: How To Choose The Best?

1. Random Audit

A random audit is one of the most efficient and commonly used audit types, designed to get a glimpse of the medical organization and the way it functions. The examination is done on an ad-hoc basis and does not have a known scheduled date. The purpose of a random audit is to sample a variety of different claims and compare them to relevant data and regulations.

This focuses more on the amount of money spent or received on different claims. So that will tell the healthcare auditors a glimpse about the whole thing if the organization is fine or needs to be reviewed in a closer way rather than the random way.

The benefit of a random medical audit is that it can quickly identify whether a more systematic and detailed review is necessary to improve the way a particular provider is functioning. It offers a quick snapshot of whether there is an underlying problem that needs further investigation.


2. Comprehensive Audit

This approach of auditing doesn’t take samples randomly, but it focuses on claims that are audited before but in a closer way, samples of the comprehensive audit are chosen in two different ways, electronic and manual. However, if the organization looking for a refund of its spent money, they usually trust this way compared to the random auditing approach. Because a complete inspection goes into more detail than the random audit.

Due to this, it is one of the most common types of medical audits used when specific claims are in dispute, or a particular institution is asking for a refund for a specific claim.

3. Hybrid Audit

It’s a mix of the previous two types of healthcare auditing which are random and comprehensive. During a hybrid review, the auditors select samples for both random and thorough inspections at the same time. This kind of auditing provides a better insight into different types of claims. It avoids errors missed during a random or just comprehensive audit.

This kind of audit is usually more accurate when it comes to audit different cases and claims and eventually results in inaccurate statistics to be used in the future to compensate for the money spent for no reason.


4. Quality Improvement Audit

Quality improvement medical audits focus on both providers and patients at the same. This type goes all over the year to get results that will improve the patient’s treatment and decrease the financial costs and the health providers to give more quality and decrease the money spent on treatments. This type chooses different patients before the progress of curing to be enrolled in the auditing process till they get back to their normal condition. This is because healthcare auditing is focusing on giving more quality and improvements to both, the patient and the hospitals.

During a quality improvement audit, an independent auditor will track and measure the quality of services performed, patient satisfaction, and the financial cost to both the patient and the provider in achieving the desired result. Quality improvement audits provide a roadmap for providers on how to improve their services and provide the best possible healthcare in a cost-efficient way.

Final Thoughts

Medical audit is very important for both healthcare providers and patients. The detailed analysis of the medical audit process will provide huge positive results. To date, some of the healthcare providers have not built the audits into their practices to safeguard themselves and ensure the quality of care. If you haven’t started already, then this is the right time to start with the best medical audit services that suit your practice needs.

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