Year In Review 2021: The Top 6 Remote Patient Monitoring Blogs

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring and telehealth are the most discussed topics in the healthcare industry 2021. The Covid-19 brought telehealth and RPM solutions great popularity. So, here we have listed out the top 6 popular remote patient monitoring blogs of 2021.

Future Of Remote Patient Monitoring In Healthcare 2021

Everyone knows that remote patient monitoring has been gradually taking the world by storm and this technology has helped healthcare providers completely transform their industries. Thankfully, experts have found that the scope for applying remote patient monitoring systems in the healthcare industry, in particular, is substantially more significant than what one may have previously imagined.

Expert’s Guide:Why To Focus On Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring allows health providers to monitor & analyze patient disease and symptom progression remotely and then engage with patients virtually to modify care plans and to educate patients about their healthcare conditions.

It has the true potential to improve clinical outcomes and reduce chronic care costs. Here is all about remote patient monitoring and why to focus on it for improved quality care.

3 Blunders To Avoid In Your Remote Patient Monitoring Programs

As the healthcare providers are looking for the best ways to deliver quality healthcare on time for patients, while improving productivity – remote patient monitoring continues to grow in 2021 and the future healthcare environment.

Beyond choosing the best remote patient monitoring service provider, the success lies in various key factors. Have you started implementing RPM for your practice and didn’t get successful results as you expected? Here are the few common mistakes and how you can avoid which helps you grow your practice profitability.

All About Remote Patient Monitoring(Rpm) Devices

Are you working hard towards delivering timely care remotely to your patients? Remote patient monitoring devices (RPM) can surprisingly make your work easier. The RPM also allows patients to be more engaged about their health conditions and treatments. This guide will explain to you the importance of RPM and the best RPM devices.

Remote patient monitoring devices help you to observe report and analyze your patient’s chronic conditions remotely from anywhere. Patients with a chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure can able to share updates on their vitals from their comfort of home via RPM devices easily.

Learn How To Do Remote Patient Monitoring Effectively

Remote patient monitoring helps healthcare providers to remain aware of their patient health conditions and treat them remotely via digital devices. RPM gives additional focus to health conditions that need extra attention from healthcare experts.

Today, healthcare providers are facing lots of challenges while implementing RPM services. So to be successful with the process, the providers need to follow these five important steps.

How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Boost Home Health?

Digital health is the wave of the future in health care. We’ve heard many times that the COVID-19 pandemic brought telehealth greater popularity—but telehealth can’t do it all. While providers can “see” patients with a telehealth visit, they can’t check and monitor vital signs.

The increased use of telehealth during the pandemic exposed some of the limitations of the technology. Vital sign readings such as blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation were missing from the conversation.  


In 2021, we have seen massive growth in the usage of remote patient monitoring devices and RPM solutions. So, if you are not invested in RPM solutions this year, this is the right time to start with the remote patient monitoring solutions for 2022.

Need assistance in implementing the right solutions for your practice? CapMinds remote patient monitoring services can transform the way healthcare is delivered.

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