What is remote patient technology ?

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Remote patient monitoring allows health providers to monitor & analyze patient healthcare, engage with patients virtually to modify care plans, and to educate patients about their healthcare conditions. It allows patients to use digitally connected devices - like heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs to perform a routine test and share their health data with a healthcare professional.

Remote Patient Monitoring has the right potential to enhance quality healthcare delivery in the fight against COVID-19. CapMinds can assist healthcare providers to seamlessly implement RPM solutions into their practice.

Secure Patient Portal

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For Patients

Real-time live healthcare support

Easy access to the physicians

Improved health outcomes

Reduces unnecessary clinic visits

For Healthcare Practice

Consistent monitoring of patient health

Increased practice productivity and revenue

Reduces costs from re-admissions

Reduced Burden on Healthcare Systems

CapMinds RPM Process

The patient’s healthcare data is collected remotely

The collected patient’s health information is transmitted to a health care provider in a different location

The healthcare data is evaluated and care providers are notified, as needed

Healthcare providers communicate appropriate health issues and provide effective solutions to patients' health conditions.

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How does it work for your
practice ?

Sign Up Easily With CapMinds RPM

Enrol your patient(s) by uploading their data into the system and assigning what device you’d wish them to receive.

By clicking the ‘ship’ option your patient will receive their device at their desired location as health data is actively tracked and monitored.

Review data from your patient's device in the CapMinds portal or your integrated EMR, and the reports can be customized to your workflow needs.

Finally, CapMinds billing system generates monthly reports with a clear view of all billable RPM codes for each patient.

Why choose capMinds RPM?

Simple new patient enrolment

Manual and automated patient data access

Customizable notification system

Fully compliant billing

Secure and HIPAA compliant

Practice specific support

Real-time tracking