Robocorp Gen2 RPA: Taming the Road to Quality Healthcare

Robocorp Gen2 RPA

Robotic Process Automation, Digital Process Automation, and IA are defining how healthcare should be delivered with an unrealistic yet somehow realistic future in mind. Do you not agree?

Today we are going to learn about such a technology that can change the way we look and practice how healthcare is delivered now. The journey towards conquering the limitless boundaries of healthcare: Robocorp- Where the world comes together to automate!

So, What is Robocorp?

Robocorp is a software company that provides a cloud-native automation platform for building, managing, and scaling software robots or “bots.”

Robocorp’s platform includes a range of tools for developers, including a code editor, a visual task builder, and a bot deployment and management system. The platform also includes a marketplace where developers can access pre-built bots, components, and libraries to accelerate development.

Robocorp focuses on providing an open-source and developer-friendly platform, with a strong emphasis on community and collaboration. The company’s flagship product is Robocorp Cloud, a cloud-based platform for creating and running software robots that can automate a wide range of business processes.

It aims to simplify the development of software robots and make them more accessible to developers and businesses of all sizes.

Robocorp: Automation for healthcare organizations

What is Gen2 RPA?

  • Gen2 RPA is the next generation of RPA technology that has emerged in recent years
  • It represents a significant advancement in RPA capabilities and provides healthcare with more advanced automation solutions that can help streamline processes and improve efficiency

Robocorp + Gen2 RPA: Bringing the world under the umbrella of automation

Robocorp is a company that provides an open-source RPA platform called Robocorp Cloud. Their platform is based on Gen2 RPA technology and provides a range of advanced features for intelligent automation.

Key features of  Robocorp’s Gen2 RPA 

1. AI and Machine Learning

  • Robocorp’s Gen2 RPA platform integrates advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to enable Intelligent Automation

AI + ML = IA

  • This allows bots to learn and adapt to new healthcare situations, handle exceptions, and make decisions autonomously

2. Natural Language Processing

  • Their Gen2 RPA bots can understand and process natural language, allowing them to interact with humans in a more natural and intuitive way

3. Low-Code/No-Code

  • This platform offers low-code or no-code development environments, which make it easier for business users to create and customize bots without requiring extensive programming skills

4. Cloud-Native

  • This Gen2 RPA platform is designed to be cloud-native, which means that it can be deployed and managed in the cloud, offering greater flexibility and scalability

5. Hyper-automation

  • Gen2 RPA platforms offer hyper-automation capabilities, which go beyond simple task automation and enable end-to-end automation of complex healthcare processes

6. Open-Source

  • Robocorp’s RPA platform is open-source, which means that developers can use and customize it freely

7. Python-Based

  • Robocorp’s platform is built on top of the Python programming language, which is widely used in the data science and machine learning communities

Altogether, it offers a more advanced and intelligent approach to automation, which can help businesses achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and agility.

How Does Robocorp Gen2 RPA Impact US Healthcare?

Here are some specific examples of how Robocorp Gen2 RPA can benefit or impact US healthcare.

1. Claims processing

  • RPA can automate the processing of insurance claims, including verification of patient eligibility, coding, and payment processing
  • This can reduce the time and cost of claims processing, while also improving accuracy and compliance with regulations

2. Appointment scheduling

  • RPA can automate appointment scheduling, including patient reminders and follow-up
  • This can reduce staff time spent on scheduling and improve patient satisfaction

3. Electronic Health Records (EHR) management

  • RPA can automate data entry, updates, and verification in EHR systems
  • This can reduce errors and improve accuracy while freeing up staff time for other tasks

4. Billing and revenue cycle management

  • RPA can automate billing and revenue cycle management tasks, including payment posting and collections
  • This can reduce the time and cost of revenue cycle management, while also improving accuracy and compliance

5. Inventory management

  • RPA can automate inventory management tasks, such as tracking supplies and medication usage
  • This can reduce waste and improve efficiency while ensuring that patients have access to the resources they need

Robocorp & CapMinds Partnering for RPA Services

CapMinds’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions empower you to make a digital workforce that works along with your staff to drive greater efficiency. Robocorp‘s expertise in developing RPA software robots combined with CapMinds‘ expertise in the digital transformation of health tech can bring advanced automation capabilities to the health tech industry. 

  • The partnership between Robocorp and CapMinds can help healthcare organizations improve their compliance with regulatory requirements
  • The above is achieved by automating compliance-related tasks such as claims processing and medical billing and coding
  • Enjoy faster deployment and scalability
  • By leveraging RPA solutions developed by Robocorp and deployed by CapMinds healthcare organizations can achieve cost savings & improve the bottom line

“Reduce risk factors, increase efficiency, and double your revenue with CapMinds innovative health automation services”

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