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RPA empowers you to make a digital workforce that works along with your staff to drive greater efficiency. CapMinds Robotics Process Automation (RPA) solutions can eliminate burdensome tasks in your healthcare system including scheduling appointments, managing inventory, billing patients, and claim processing to reduce operational costs and improve scalability.

Robotic Process Automation Benefits

  • Greater compliance
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Focus on more stimulating tasks
  • Higher accuracy and quality
  • healthcare-capminds>Comprehensive insights
  • doctor-capmindsReduced response times

Increased Appointment Turnout

Numerous healthcare providers endure financially when appointments are missed because of a minute ago cancellations.

With the utilization of our RPA solutions to ns to scheduling and send appointment reminders to patients, specialists will be amplifying the number of patients they see every day, expanding profitability and productivity.

analytics-img-capminds analytics-ehr
analytics-img-capminds analytics-ehr

Automated Monitoring of Accounts Payable/Receivable

With the use of our RPA solutions, healthcare providers can boost their financial performance by monitoring accounts payable and receivable.

Payments will be made and received faster with RPA than if monitored manually as it leads to an improvement of billing efficiency and a reduction in write-offs.

Digitization of Patient Records

Our RPA software drastically reduces the amount of data migration errors and data duplications.

The increased accuracy from the utilization of RPA will allow you to maintain up-to-date and accurate patient medical records, treatment history, and more.

analytics-img-capminds analytics-ehr
analytics-img-capminds analytics-ehr

Improvement in Patient Experience

A positive patient experience is important for your practice growth. Our remote process automation solutions help you to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks like data digitalization, appointment scheduling, inventory tracking, and more.

Our RPA solutions help you to spend more time with your patients to provide value-based care with a better patient experience and reduced no show rates

Patients benefit from RPA by having shorter wait times for appointments and will have the ability to access their medical records, online bill pay easier.

Automate Data Transformation

Automate extraction and transformation of data from clinical applications, lab information systems, third party portals, insurance portals, radiology data systems, and scheduling applications.

Automate process activities utilizing intelligent rules-based robots that connect with applications like EHR systems.

analytics-img-capminds analytics-ehr

Robotic Process Automation for Healthcare

  • doctor-capmindsPhysician credentialing
  • Patient scheduling
  • vpn-capmindsClaims administration
  • Clinical documentation
  • bill-capmindsMedicare billing and compliance
  • Accounts receivable and denial recovery
  • Patient self-pay administration

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