PointClickCare EHR: 5 Factors to Consider While Customizing

PointClickCare EHR: 5 Factors to Consider While Customizing

Managing and Organizing patient records can be a stressful and frustrating task, especially for large-scale healthcare organizations in the US. Spending most of the time on documentation in the sense, that providers may have to compromise on delivering quality patient care. 

However, managing this large amount of data will lead to errors that cost more. A study shows that errors in patient records cost roughly 300 Billion annually for US healthcare practices. Thus avoiding costly errors in patient records has become a huge priority for US Healthcare organizations.

This ultimately leads the US healthcare organizations to leverage electronic health records systems. This system significantly helps providers manage patient records efficiently and reduce errors. While many EHR providers are available in the marketplace, PointClickCare EHR provides a comprehensive solution for healthcare practices.

Even though it provides a greater value, it must be customized to resonate with existing practice workflow. This blog post will walk you through the 5 factors to consider while customizing, benefits, and challenges associated with point-click care EHR for your practice.

What is PointClickCare EHR?

PointClickCare is North America’s health tech company offering a comprehensive cloud-based electronic health records system. It’s a widely adopted EHR system focused on senior living facilities, long-term care, home healthcare, continuing care retirement communities, and other nurse care systems.

5 Factors to Consider While Customizing PointClickCare EHR

While customizing the PointClickCare EHR system, there are several factors to consider. This is to ensure it meets the specific needs and requirements of your healthcare practice.

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1. Workflow Integration

PointClickCare EHR should seamlessly integrate with your existing practice workflow to minimize disruption. Customization should ultimately focus on smoothly running the existing workflow, reducing redundancies, and improving overall efficiency. 

It requires you to analyze the current workflow and identify areas where the EHR can be tailored to better support the staff’s daily tasks. 

2. Regulatory Compliance

The Long-term care industry is subject to various regulations and standards. You need to ensure that the customization of PointClickCare EHR aligns with the regulations. And also make sure it facilitates compliance with documentation, reporting, and billing requirements.

3. User Experience

The Effective use of an EHR system lies in its user experience. If the system is too complex, healthcare professionals may need help to use it. So, the PointClickCare EHR system customization should focus on enhancing the user experience.

The EHR interface should be initiative, user-friendly, and tailored to the specific roles of different end-users. Practices can consider incorporating features like customizable dashboards, shortcuts, and templates to improve productivity.

4. Data Management and Reporting

Data management and reporting are crucial factors in the healthcare industry. PointClickCare EHR should be customized for effective data management and reporting capabilities.

Ensure that the customization allows for easy access to relevant data to ensure accuracy in documentation and reporting tools for decision-making.

5. Integration with Third Party Systems

Most long-term care facilities utilize various third-party software solutions for various purposes. This includes medication management, therapy tracking, or telehealth services.

Customizing the PointClickCare EHR system to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems to enable data exchange and smooth running workflow across multiple platforms.

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Benefits of PointClickCare EHR for Practices

The PointClickCare EHR system offers several beneficial ways for healthcare practices. Here are 8 benefits of PointClickCare EHR:

  • PointClickCare EHR system allows automating data entry tasks reducing manual work and prone to errors in medical documentation.
  • It has a built-in medication management feature that helps reduce medication errors, track prescriptions, and alert providers in potential drug interactions.
  • PointClickCare EHR system eliminates the need for handwritten notes.
  • Senior care continuity is made possible by seamless cross-setting tracking of patient progress and access to extensive patient data.
  • Its features help organizations enhance essential operations like claims processing and more effectively address the changing demands of the senior care sector.
  • User-friendly interfaces make it easier for end-users to navigate and use the functions.

Challenges associated with PointClickCare

Though it offers a vast range of benefits for long-term care services and senior living facilities, it has few pitfalls. Here are the potential challenges associated with Implementation of PointClickCare EHR that need to be navigated:

1. System Outages

Relying on digital clinical procedures and electronic patient data may lead to system failures or disruptions in workflow during the initial implementation process.

2. Clicking Too Many Buttons for Documentation

Many users have complained that using PointClickCare for documentation is a bit repetitive and have to click too many buttons. Sometimes it’s hard to lose information if you unintentionally glance away from the screen.

3. Many Options for similar report type

There are too many options for similar report types, which makes navigation difficult and confusing. Overly redundant reporting features result in a procedure that is inefficient and raises the possibility of errors.

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Want the PointClickCare EHR System to Work for Your Practice? Trust in CapMinds Solution

While PointClickCare EHR has more benefits and potential pitfalls, practices need the EHR system to resonate with the practice to improve efficiency. 

CapMinds is an expert health tech company with over 14 years of experience in the field, offering a vast range of solutions to smooth running workflows with maximum efficiency.

  • Our solution offers comprehensive training for PointClickCare EHR solutions to ensure providers are experiencing their full potential.
  • CapMinds assists in integrating various modules like lab integration, payment integration, Google Workspace integration, clearing house integration, and more.
  • CapMind’s customized PointClickCare EHR service ensures it meets your practice’s requirements and needs.

If you want to experience the full capability of EHR that resonates with your practice workflow, CapMinds is the one you can rely on.

Contact us to unlock the full potential of the EHR system with the help of CapMinds’ custom and integration solution.

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