Best Practices to Customize Office Ally EHR to Resonate with Your Practice

Best Practices to Customize Office Ally EHR to Resonate with Your Practice

Electronic Health Records have become an integral part of the healthcare industry. According to statistics, over 88% (which means out of 10, 9) of healthcare practices in the US) have been adopted and implemented. 

Even though many have adopted this system, without proper implementation, providers will struggle to utilize it. Therefore, properly customizing the EHR system for healthcare practice is pivotal. 

While there are many EHR systems available in the marketplace, Office Ally’s practice mate ehr system stands out. It offers a comprehensive solution with loaded features for better practice management.

This blog post will walk you through How to customize Office Ally’s practice mate EHR system to resonate with your healthcare practices. 

From understanding the basics to the best practices of Office AllyPractice Mate EHR customization and integration, this blog post covers everything you need to know.

Understanding EHR Customization and Benefits

Leveraging standard EHR can benefit, but to achieve maximum efficiency in workflow, Electronic health records need to match the workflow. The ultimate aim of EHR customization is to modify the EHR system to reflect the existing healthcare practice workflow. 

Customizing the EHR system majorly includes reshaping the user interface, including features and modules (eg. telehealth, RPM, and e-prescription, integration with other systems, and customizing templates and forms.

By customizing the EHR system, healthcare practices can benefit in many ways:

  • A smooth running workflow enhances efficiency and improves the quality of care.
  • Customized EHR automates repetitive tasks and lets you focus on delivering quality patient care.
  • Promotes better data management and accuracy in relevant documentation.

What is Office Ally’s Practice Mate EHR System?

Office Ally is one of the electronic health records system providers available in the marketplace. They’ve developed a comprehensive solution called Practice Mate EHR. 

It’s a Cloud Based Electronic Health Records system that helps in scheduling patients, confirming insurance, revenue cycle management, and other solutions.

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Best Practices to Customize Office Ally’s Practice Mate EHR

There are a wide range of EHR customization possibilities. Each healthcare practice has its own unique workflow, especially for specialties. For instance, dermatology practice workflow completely differs from surgical practices. 

So, customizing Office Ally’s Practice Mate EHR system to match the unique workflow of healthcare practice is crucial. Here are the best practices to customize:

  • Integration: Any EHR system’s core capability lies in integrating with other modules and systems within the organization. Systems like billing systems, scheduling software, and other system integrations are necessary to improve efficiency.
  • Modern UI Customization: Modifying the Practice Mate EHR system’s user interface is crucial to match the practice workflow and needs. The customization process includes customizing dashboard layouts, color schemes, rearranging fields, and more.
  • Forms and Templates: Each healthcare practice requires specific forms to capture relevant patient information for accuracy in diagnosis. Customizing forms and templates that reflect healthcare practice requirements can lead to better and more relevant documentation for treatment.
  • Feature Customization: Each healthcare practice requires specific functionality. For instance, the imaging module is crucial for dermatologists. Likewise, adding, modifying, and removing, features to make the practice mate EHR system relevant for your healthcare organization workflow needs.

Practice Mate EHR Customization Process (Step-By-Step)

Customizing Practice Mate EHR that resonates with your healthcare practice requires careful planning and execution. Here is the step-by-step process for practice mate EHR customization:

1. Understanding Your Practice Requirements

Start by understanding the unique needs and requirements of healthcare practice. Each healthcare practice has a unique workflow. For effective planning, make sure to involve all the stakeholders such as nurses, providers, specialists, physicians, and others in the process. 

This way, the practice will have the basic requirements for EHR customization. Then the practice can rely on health tech solutions like CapMinds to tailor the EHR to align with the practice workflow needs.

2. Designing and Development Process

Once the practice has a complete understanding of the practice requirements for EHR customization, the next step involves designing and developing. This process involves:

  • Modifying the UI to match the practice needs
  • Adding additional functionalities that are required for practice
  • Add on other features like telehealth, e-prescription, and patient portal.

This process of EHR customization involves the actual technical work and EHR customization process.

3. Testing and Implementation Process

After the design and development process is completed, the practice is required to test the customized Practice Mate EHR system. Make sure to test all the functionalities, and features, bug-free to ensure no errors before the implementation process.

Complete and accurate testing is crucial for successfully implementing the customized practice mate EHR to the existing healthcare organization workflow.

4. Provide Training and Support

The final process of successful implementation of the practice mate EHR system is to conduct training sessions for providers. This process involves educating providers and other stakeholders about customized EHR systems, features, and functionalities.

Moreover, ongoing support is crucial to ensure assisting end-users with any tech support or any additional customization required for a specific workflow.

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Want Customized Office Ally’s Practice Mate EHR System? CapMinds is here for you

CapMinds offers a comprehensive solution that can help streamline workflows for healthcare practices that use Office Ally’s Practice Mate EHR system

We are a group of professional experts with years of experience in the field. CapMinds’ customizable solution can help solve the common challenges associated with Practice Mate EHR.

  • CapMinds can customize the Interface and workflows in practice mate ehr to simplify navigation and resonate with your healthcare practices.
  • Our Office Ally Practice Mate EHR service also includes data entry streamlining, Laboratory integration, Radiology integration, Fax machine integration, and workflow customization.
  • Our solution includes building customized accounting and financial reports tailored to your healthcare practice needs.
  • We also excel in RCM, Medical Billing, and collection for practice-based physician groups. Our services include medical coding, claim tracking, denial management, online payments, and financial reporting.
  • Our specialists provide Office Ally credentialing service that helps you to submit claims quickly, boost revenue, and avoid productivity losses.
  • We can guide you through onboarding and provide a customized Practice Mate EHR solution to streamline your healthcare practice workflow.

Whether you want to experience the full capabilities of Office Ally’s Practice Mate EHR or a customized solution tailored to your specialty healthcare practice needs, CapMinds is the most cost-effective choice.

Contact us to unlock the full potential of the Practice Mate EHR system with the help of CapMinds’ customized solution.

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