Interoperability & Healthcare Data Standards: The HL7’ hottest combination

Interoperability and healthcare data standards

Interoperability and healthcare data standards made possible the unending and safest transmission of health information throughout the spectrum.

Connected systems are the things that help hospitals and health systems to be satisfied with their operations. The famous data standard among the many is “HL7 V2”. It supports many channels for data exchange. HL7 V2 data standard was integrated worldwide and smoothened clinical & admin communication.

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HL7 V2 Implementation

HL7 V2 was launched in 1989. It was widely adopted and became the most integrated data standard worldwide. At present more than 95% of US healthcare organizations use this version for exchanging health data across health systems.

This provides communication language to health systems like EHR, EMR, billing systems, information systems, radiology, and more. It contains ASCII text-based messages. The HL7 V2 has helped healthcare organizations to dodge complications with communication systems. This healthcare data standard needs specific clarity to depend on custom coding. It uses interface engines to meet well-organized healthcare interoperability.

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The Importance of Healthcare Data Exchange Standards

To maintain the descriptions and extra rules, healthcare data management is necessary. Uncertainty has no place when it comes to interpreting and exchanging health information. 

The healthcare data standards ease streamlined interoperability. Without the data standards, it would be difficult to operate and exchange data and access EHRs. Knowing the importance of healthcare data exchange standards is crucial for the growth of the sector.

1. Quick medical billing & processing

  • Healthcare data exchange standards have codes that ease medical procedures and terminologies. 
  • These codes help organize billing processes, justify claims, and lowers rejection rates. 
  • These prove its significance in healthcare and the quality of data it offers. 
  • Proper implementation can give organizations higher patient satisfaction & experience and increases revenue.

2. Easy data integration 

  • Strict healthcare data standards help move health data across different systems easily.
  • The systems include EHRs, radiology information systems (RIS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), and laboratory information systems (LIS).
  • Integrating these healthcare data standards properly can ensure fault-free communications and reduces relays.

3. Improved compliance

  • Healthcare data standards improve compliance and compatibility of systems.
  • HL7 and FHIR standards fill the gaps in compliance and increase the security and privacy of patient health information.
  • It ensures high compatibility.

4. Enhanced clinical decision making

  • Timely decisions making is a must thing in the healthcare spectrum. 
  • Lives depend on the decisions made by physicians and clinicians.
  • Healthcare data standards provide physicians with vital & literal health data easier and faster.
  • It increases the accessibility of data by physicians.

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