Too Many Collections Pending? EHR too rigid?

Electronic Health Record

Do you have a lot of
collections pending and the EHR is too rigid for your workflow? Here’s how
CapMinds can help:

Better Communication Between Physician and Financial Staff

On the surface this might sound like an obvious answer but in reality almost 70% of the providers face issues conveying their concerns to the RCM company. CapMinds offers a dedicated Billing manager for your practice and is available 24/7 for anything and everything

Establish Workflow Consistency

It goes without saying that any successful practice needs to establish consistency in its workflow processes to improve revenue cycle management. CapMinds helps you with centralized scheduling  that works towards practice efficiency for instance, helping billing managers see ahead of time how many staff members are needed, pre-register patients, and ensure insurance companies and patients know what they owe.

EHR Customization

With state of the art technology advancements CapMinds is able to offer customizations on the workflow of EHR suitable to each individual practice’s needs. This enables you to use the EHR the way you prefer. CapMinds also offers various customization options and plans so that you get the customization how you like it and when you like it.


Communication of information in an EHR may be hindered because interoperability is inadequate within components of the same EHR or from the EHR to other systems. CapMinds offers interoperability to any scale and type so that all your data communicates with one another and you get a comprehensive outlook.

Why should
CapMinds be your 1st choice?

Do you want to increase your collections, boost
revenue and turn your medical practice into a highly reputed star? Of course,
that isn’t easy!

But there are a few vendors who make your
entire medical billing and RCM task easier and quicker.

CapMinds ranks top among those best EHR and RCM service providers. And it’s loved by millions of healthcare practices. With CapMinds RCM you can easily improve patients collections with advanced tools – track, collect and post patient copays during the checkout process and more.

We pride ourselves to say that we offer EHR to
be a multi-purpose tool that can do more than just the basics and fulfill our
client needs.

About The Author

Author: Pandi Paramasivan

Pandi is the founder and CEO of CapMinds, a cutting-edge healthtech company dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their well-being. Under his 13 years of leadership, CapMinds has completed more than 100 healthcare projects that include customization and integration for OpenEMR, HL7 FHIR, Mirth Connect, Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, Connected Health, and more.

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