Salesforce Health Check: How it helps Admins to be free from Security Concerns

Cloud & Security is a real, all-time concern in the healthcare realm. But there is good news for those admins who use Salesforce. Yes, you read it right!

At Salesforce security is the topmost priority. We are here to talk about their “Spring 16” release. It allows admins to track and update their healthcare organization’s security settings. This is “Security Health Check” & let’s see how this one makes admins “Security Conquerers”. 

1. Helps admins alter & manage security settings

As the needs and requirements of your business change, Health Check allows you to also change and manage the security settings. Usually, network configuration settings, password policies, IP ranges, etc have their own places in the Setup. Changing and coping with the speed of new features and security settings can be a time-taking task.

Health Check serves as the sole place to update security settings to fit changing business needs. It provides a simple admin process. Each security health check screen contains your org setting, the suggested baseline setting, and the choice to edit that value in another tab. After that, refresh your security health check for your newest score.

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2. You are the security conquerers

You are provided with an instant analysis of your security settings by Health Check. It uses that analysis and finds how they score against the Salesforce baseline recommendations

Health check allows you to compare your Salesforce org against your company’s security compliance needs. You can become your company’s security expert or conquer with the abstract of all your org settings and the recommended baseline values. Health check gives you a tool, to sum up, and commune the security scenery of your company.

3. Admins can stay updated with security features & industry recommendations

It will be challenging for admins to stay updated and understand with changing features in security settings. Salesforce security health check makes these security settings in context for your company’s org.

You can stay up-to-date on security features that may affect your company in one place, by using Health Check to audit your security settings.

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