Behavioral Health EHR: Why The Adoption Is So High? (Top 3 Reasons)

Behavioral Health EHR

As the healthcare industry leaders agree on the benefits of behavioral health EHR and health data exchange among healthcare clinics and primary care facilities, the use of EHR in behavioral health is attaining a huge growth in recent days.

During these pandemic times, the usage of EHR systems has quickly become the norm throughout the healthcare industry, regardless of specialty. As EHR is emerging a lot, we CapMinds have listed out the top three reasons why behavioral health is adopting EHR software at higher rates.

Greater Usability

With greater demand for behavioral health EHR technology, the EHR market has also expanded, giving way to specialty-specific EHR solutions, better equipped to maximize efficiency and help behavioral health professionals deliver better patient care.

Enhanced usability within a behavioral health EHR is important for a variety of reasons. Aside from the efficiency gains, behavioral health EHR systems with high usability marks are going to help ease the transition from paper to electronic that many providers will go through as they adopt health IT solutions for the first time.

According to a recent study published in Perspectives in Health Information Management, usability, along with a clear understanding of EHR benefits, are the key drivers in increasing health IT adoption across the behavioral health community.

Integrated Care

Healthcare’s adoption of value-based care has placed greater importance on integrated care between behavioral and physical health communities. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, this care model is critical for a few reasons:

Primary care settings, like a doctor’s office, provide about half of all mental health care for common psychiatric disorders. Adults with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders also have higher rates of chronic physical illnesses and die earlier than the general population

People with common physical health conditions also have higher rates of mental health issues.

One of the best ways to foster more integrated, collaborative care between the two communities is through the use of behavioral health EHR. Research from the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine suggests that integrated primary and behavioral healthcare is increasing in popularity, both because it is better supported by value-based payment systems and because it delivers necessary treatment to those managing behavioral health disorders.

Improved Care Coordination

It is very beneficial for behavioral health practices to deploy EHR software, as this facilitates communication among providers, helping to avoid wasteful duplication of services. After all, a patient may not be in a position to judge whether he or she is receiving redundant care, relying on the professionals to see to it that services are being provided efficiently.

With both clinical and financial implications on the line, it’s no surprise that behavioral health providers are embracing health IT solutions like EHR technology at greater rates than in past years.

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