The best ever platform to bring patient data alive

Bring your patient data to life with CapMinds dashboard solutions like no other. With our highly customizable dashboard support loaded with interactive charts & grids, it’s possible to visualize your patient's overall health status, all from within your application interface. So, break away from traditional spreadsheets and build stunning visualizations of your patient data in a matter of minutes!

all-in-one dashboard screen
patient doing physiotherapy session

Efficient Patient Integration

Gaining patient access to health records is made easy here

We are here to help organizations provide the end-to-end support needed for the integration of patient health information from multiple sources into clinical information systems. With CapMinds patient integration support, gain complete access to patient health data when and where it is needed for effective patient care.

Customizable Consent Forms

Enjoy the features of customizable consent forms

Consent forms can be easily signed by patients through CapMinds health portal support. Our consent form interface is designed to be easily integrated into your practice and can streamline obtaining your patients' consent through the patient portal. With our easily customizable options, your patients can read and sign easily in a matter of minutes.

e-forms with pen
hands covering wooden people structures

Care Plan

The smartest EHR to promote patient-focused care

Improve the continuity & quality of care between patients and primary care team members with our EHR-based patient-centered care plan. Our PCCP can help team members easily store patient values, health goals, and care plans and engage patients with chronic illnesses in action planning to support self-management.

Take care of the patient and
everything else will follow