Improve patient engagement with a secure patient portal

Welcome to Capminds Patient Portal

CapMinds provides one comprehensive solution to help healthcare providers achieve clinical, financial, and operational excellence through a powerful patient portal. Patients can request appointments, access health records, lab results, and even pay bills online with the help of a patient portal, which creates a personal touch with you always.

Improves Patient Engagement

If patient satisfaction is your top priority, we help you to achieve quality healthcare with better patient experience in a secure manner. Our patient portal software makes it fast & easy for your patients to access health records, medical summaries, schedule appointments, pay bills, or reach out to your staff with concerns


Reduce Your Practice Workload

With CapMinds Patient Portal solutions, you can bring a convenient experience to your patients while also reducing your practice’s workload. Our intuitive tools and analytics provide complete access to medical data that is actionable and delivers a delightful user experience.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

With our patient portal, you can easily schedule appointments, remind patients of existing appointments via phone call, email, or text. This helps your patients to get informed about their health care leading to a better patient experience.


Reduce In-Person Visits with Our Safe and Secure Features

Our patient portals secure online messaging, prescription renewal & appointment features help your patients to get everything done just by few clicks. Your patients can connect you directly whenever they have a query about their health treatments, reducing unnecessary in-person visits.

Automate Your Administrative Task

Capminds Patient Portal solutions help your administrative team spend less time answering phones and scheduling appointments, billing, and coding tasks so that you can spend more time on delivering better patient care.


Secure Patient Portal

For Patients
  • Schedule/reschedule appointments
  • Order prescription refills
  • Receive appointment reminders and alerts from your healthcare practice
  • Access your medical records
  • Update health and insurance information
  • Continent online bill pay
For Healthcare Practice
  • Achieve Meaningful Use 2 in a secure manner
  • Increase productivity with by reducing patient no show rates
  • Reduce administrative tasks and spent more time on patient care

Keep your patients engaged with your practice through your patient portal by providing flexibility, connectivity, and the security needed in a platform.

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