Our aging and coding audit services help healthcare providers to reduce A/R days with our timely follow-up services. We align our services with your organization’s specific needs to effectively analyze and troubleshoot issues for performance improvements

Coding Audit

Satisfy evolving changes in coding & compliance requirements. Appropriate & error-free codes used for the financial growth of clinics, doctors' offices & hospitals

Collection Aging Audit

Identify the gaps in coding, billing, payer follow-ups, patient follow-ups etc. Accurate recommendations will be provided to doctors' offices

Credentialing & Pre-Auth

Denials happen due to poor credentialing & inconsistent prior authorization. We find gaps & related revenue loss in past and recommend a recovery strategy

Pre-Billing Audits

Pre-billing audit help practices address coding issues & prevent compliance risks. DRG validation, POA indicators & physician documentation practices

Post-Billing Audits

Post-billing audits focus on DRG validation & incorporate an extensive review of all codes. Identify under/over coding & make timely re-submissions

Inpatient Audits

Inpatient auditing review MS-DRG & APR-DRG validation for inpatient charts. Deliver feedback with documentation and elements to code validation & optimization

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Common challenges in coding

  • Not coding to the highest specificity
  • No proper access to the provider
  • Usage of un-updated or current code sets
  • Missing documentation, Unbundling
  • Over-coding or under-coding

Why choose capMinds coding audit services?

  • Achieve the highest level of coding accuracy
  • Achieve financial and data quality goals
  • Improve billing integrity by optimizing end-to-end billing processes
  • Identify the overbilling of services from charge capture audits
  • Eliminate errors with up-to-date code sets
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Empower your practice be future ready at every stage

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