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Aging and coding audit services for health systems, and physician practices

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Our aging and coding audit services help healthcare providers to reduce A/R days with our timely follow-up services. We align our services with your organization’s specific needs to effectively analyze and troubleshoot issues for performance improvements.

Audit Services


Coding Audit

Works with eloving changes in coding and compliance requirements. Make sure that correct coding is used at all times for financial health of clinics, doctors office and hospital

Collection Aging Audit

Collection aging reports are audited preciously, identify the gaps in coding, billing, payer followups, patient followups etc. Also, accurate recommendations will be provided to doctors office


Credentialing & Pre-Auth

Major part of denials happens due to poor credentialing and in-consistent prior authorization. Our audit team finds gaps and related revenue loss in past and recommends recovery strategy


Our pre-billing audit services help your practice to address coding issues effectively and prevent exposure to compliance risks. Pre-bill audits focus on DRG validation, POA indicators, and physician documentation practices.



Our post-billing audits services focus on DRG validation and can also incorporate a more extensive review of all codes. Identify under or over coding and timely re-submit it to address the issues.


Inpatient auditing services to review MS-DRG and APR-DRG validation for inpatient charts. Deliver comprehensive feedback that includes documentation and elements to code validation and optimization.

Why Choose CapMinds Coding Audit Services?

  • Achieve the highest level of coding accuracys
  • Identify the overbilling of services from charge capture audits.
  • Improve overall billing integrity by optimizing front-end and back-end billing processes
  • Achieve financial and data-quality goals.
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