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Medical Claims Management

Simplify your claim management smartly

Medical claims management is one of the most difficult and crucial ones when it comes to medical billing and insurance claims.

CapMinds aims and leads the healthcare industry in lowering the denial rates of our clients significantly by scrutinizing the reasons through a well-planned, successful strategy and providing solutions to manage health administration, easy billing, payment ethics, and medical management.

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Collaborative Care Management

Managing collaborative care with our cloud-based smart solutions

Collaborative care management and population health management is one of CapMinds’ populist services. Monitoring the health of an individual is an easy task but doing that with a group of people becomes a roller coaster for many and not for CapMinds.

With our smart cloud-based EHR system we provide high-end interoperability services and electronic data interchange that allow one to share and track data and manage authorizations, and claims across their network without compromising the care quality.

Provider Network Management

Stay connected with our advanced interoperability

CapMinds’ interoperability proves itself to be the No.1 player in the healthcare continuum. Integrating your EHR with our top interoperability engine helps a network of providers cement the gaps between treatment and services across the entire healthcare ecosystem, and access and share healthcare data securely across health information exchanges (HIEs).

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Data Analytics And Dashboard Solutions

Enjoy the privileges of top-class data analytics and solutions

CapMinds’ has the world’s leading electronic medical records (EMRs) and practice management solutions and our advanced data analytics and dashboard solutions possess powerful analytics tools that help our clients to make decisions regarding all aspects of practice management. Our in-depth analytics helps you to track your performance and helps to achieve the bottom line.

Clinical Decision Support

Making perfect decisions at the right time is the key

CapMinds’ Clinical Decision Support which can be integrated into an EHR helps payors to make relevant, pragmatic, and evident-based decisions that lead to ultra-modern client care. This feature exclusively supports caregivers, provides immediate solutions, facilitates quick progress, and much more to improve payor experiences

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Transacting Information Across Health System

Transacting information with our efficient and secured network is the safest

In this world of cyberattacks and data thefts, CapMinds ensures high-end, highly secured, and classified, regulation-compliant transactions of information, electronically between authorized parties to enable easy transactions of claims, data, and health information. Our solution increases operational efficiencies, improves care quality, and reduces healthcare costs.

Simplifying Billing Hurdle

Medical billing is never been simplified like here before

There is no one in the field than CapMinds to innovatively simplify and solve medical billing problems. CapMinds being the leading Mental/Behavioral health service provider possesses unique tools to derive optimum efficiency.

The problems with scheduling appointments, allocating resources, submitting and following up on bills, recording notes, etc, will be integrated and handled smartly with our solutions.

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