Through AI, cloud storage, and IoT, the healthcare system is undergoing a drastic transformation. At CapMinds, we help healthcare providers & patients to build and manage cloud, AI, and IoT-powered smart landscapes with complete security. 
“Reinvent your healthcare organization with our comprehensive healthcare IoT solutions that help you to explore new opportunities”
Our healthcare applications are designed with advanced IoT & AI solutions focused on secure payment methods, real-time communication, and patient safety for improved health outcomes

CapMinds Cloud, AI, & IoT Services

  • 1.

    Patient Data Analytics

    Provide personalized healthcare by analyzing the full medical history of patients through Electronic Health Records

  • 2.

    Faster Pharmaceutical Research

    Automate research systems using advanced machine learning algorithms. Save time & deliver faster care

  • 3.

    Medical Fraud And Data Security

    Apply predictive analytic techniques to predict fraud, prevent a patient data breach, detect suspicious behavior in real-time, and avoid upcoding

  • 4.

    Patient Monitoring

    Track chronic diseases, incorporate health recommendations into patient lifestyles, and easily predict disorders using wearables

  • 5.

    Post Discharge

    Our AI solutions enable healthcare providers to help their patients post-discharge. Patients can get information on medication, follow-ups, etc.

  • 6.

    Prescription Reminder

    Our AI solutions help patients who need to take multiple medications & support. They can order refills, make secure payments, etc.

Healthcare IoT Services

Right from building smarter healthcare systems with simple processes, and better care, we assist with healthcare IoT services by evolving healthcare organizations into integrated ecosystems of providers, payers, and researchers
With our smart IoT services, we create a generation of highly informed patients who can actively take part in health management. Your patients can now track changes in important health parameters, avoid unnecessary visits to the hospitals and access better care
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    Smart Wearable Integration

    Wearable integration helps to exchange data from devices to healthcare systems. You can easily schedule appointments, reduce the wait time of patients, and increase overall patient satisfaction

  • 2

    Intelligent Health Management

    The integration of Intelligent Health Management achieves valuable improvements in the maintenance of medical equipment and significantly improves safety and cost-efficiency

  • 3

    Real-Time Location System

    Our IoT enables a real-time tracking system that helps to call physicians, check electronic medical records of patients, track medical devices anytime, discharge patients, etc.

Our Services

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    HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Support

    CapMinds offers cutting-edge HIPAA-compliant cloud support to healthcare organizations. Our cloud specialists identify potential threats and protect critical healthcare data

  • 2.

    Cloud Automation

    Our cloud automation and management solutions make the cloud readily available to any medical practice. Our solution includes the implementation of security practices, code-level vulnerabilities, and more

  • 3.

    Cloud Drive Data Analytics

    Our cloud computing services enable all healthcare data analytics operations through the provision of massive storage. Our solution facilitates sharing and access to healthcare data from various locations

Improving clinical operations with CapMinds Health-tech solutions

A top US-based behavioural health clinic providing substance abuse and mental health counselling for more than 2200 adults, adolescents, and children. Implementing an EHR, healthcare practice management, and billing solution was their major challenges

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Attracted and gained new patients with effective billing and advanced electronic prescribing solutions

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The automated technologies and well-planned implementation dramatically increased the timely submission of kites from 75 to 95%

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The implementation of cloud EHR & billing solutions increased the growth of the clinic's system by 40 times & the usage of services by the staff
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