Neurological Quality Measures Reporting with OpenEMR’s AMC Report

Simplify The Neurological Quality Measures Reporting with OpenEMR's AMC Report

Keeping track of the key neurological quality measures reporting can be a hassle for healthcare providers. The OpenEMR’s AMC Report is here to transform complexity into simplicity. 

It allows you to effortlessly keep tabs on crucial neurological quality measures, leaving you more time on what matters the most – Quality Patient Care. Let’s embark on a journey to discover How OpenEMR’s AMC report turns reporting into a stress-free experience for Neurologists.

What are Neurological Quality Measures?

Neurological Quality Measures assess how well neurologists and health plans enhance population health and healthcare service delivery. These measures help healthcare providers access and improve the quality of care for patients with Neurological Conditions, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatments.

OpenEMR AMC (Automated Measure Calculation) Reports

OpenEMR AMC (Automated Measure Calculation) Reports simplify the entire process by automating the calculation of Neurological Quality Measures

It is used to provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information which includes Lab results, diagnostic test results, problem list, medication list, medication allergies, and more. This means that neurologists can effortlessly track the key metrics without the need for complex manual calculations.

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Up-to-date problem list

  • Ensure maintaining the patient’s up-to-date problem list of current and active diagnosis information.
  • Enter at least one medical problem of the patient or “No Medical Problems” should be entered in the Patient reports.
  • Easily track and manage patient conditions streamlines the healthcare process, and improves overall neurological care.

Medication List

  • The Active medication list of the patient needs to be maintained in the OpenEMR’s AMC reports.
  • Enter at least one active medication of the patient or “no medication” in the patient reports.
  • Keeping a comprehensive medication list promotes medication safety and adherence.

Medication Allergy List

  • Prioritize patient safety by utilizing OpenEMR’s AMC reports to maintain a detailed medication allergy list.
  • Enter at least one patient’s medication allergy list or enter “No Allergies” should be entered in the patient reports.
  • This Effective communication of allergy information minimizes the adverse reaction and ensures secure neurological care for patients.

Record and Chart Changes in vital Signs

  • Monitor patient health seamlessly by recording and charting changes in vital signs.
  • Ensure enter the necessary patient information like the patient’s weight, height, BP, and BMI are need to be entered for the patient.
  • This ensures enhancing clinical decision-making with real-time data, providing a foundation for effective and personalized neurological care for patients.

Incorporate Clinical Lab Results

  • The quality of neurological care can be enhanced by incorporating clinical lab results.
  • Maintain the clinical lab results (Both electronically and manually) in OpenEMR as structured data.
  • Accessing and analyzing the clinical lab data efficiently makes it easier to make more informed decision making.

Smoking status for Patients 13 years or older

  • Documenting the smoking status of patients aged 13 or older promoted holistic care.
  • Addressing this critical aspect supports comprehensive neurological care for patients.

Medication Reconciliation

  • The Medication reconciliation process involves comparing the medication order that patients have taken.
  • This process is done to prevent medication errors like omission, duplication, drug interactions, and dosage errors.
  • Medication reconciliation needs to be done in which new medications are ordered or existing medication is rewritten.

E-prescription management

  • Healthcare professionals should generate and transmit the prescriptions electronically.
  • This e-prescription integration capability improves prescription accuracy, reduces callbacks, and streamlines the medication refilling process.

Patient-Specific Education Resources

  • Empowering patients with tailored education resources based on their specific health conditions is necessary.
  • This ensures active patient engagement by providing personalized information enabling making more informed decisions in neurological healthcare management.

Record Demographics

  • The demographics of the patients need to be entered in the OpenEMR’s AMC reports. It is the foundation of a patient’s healthcare.
  • Demographic Information including sex, language, race, ethnicity, and DOB.

Patients’ Follow-up care

  • Sending automated reminders to patients’ preferences for preventive care.
  • Optimizing patient follow-up care makes it easier for effective communication and coordination among the healthcare providers and patients.
  • This encourages patients to participate in healthcare actively and ensures continuity of care for patients.

Providing Patients with Health information

  • Utilize the OpenEMR’s AMC Reports to provide comprehensive health information to patients for enhanced patient education.
  • This ensures patients actively participate in managing their neurological well-being.

Clinical Summary for Patients

  • The Patient Summary needs to be provided for patients during every healthcare practice visit.
  • Deliver a comprehensive and easily accessible summary that promotes transparency in healthcare and shared decision-making between neurologists and patients.

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Challenges without the OpenEMR’s AMC Reports

Without the OpenEMR’s AMC reports, neurological healthcare practices have to face many challenges.

  • Traditionally tracking all the necessary reports can be time-consuming.
  • The Traditional method involves manual calculation which may be prone to errors.
  • This process led to inefficiency and potential errors, diverting valuable time and resources from patient care.

OpenEMR’s AMC Reports offers a simple and efficient solution for effortless tracking of the key neurological quality measures. With its comprehensive features and solutions, healthcare professionals can focus more on what matters the most – Efficient Patient Care.

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