Best Ways to Evaluate Firely Server for FHIR (Quick & Easy)

Best Ways to Evaluate Firely Server for FHIR (Quick & Easy)

Health interoperability is increasingly necessary to connect various Health IT systems. Speaking of popular servers, Firely stands as a reliable option that can be utilized for various demanding scenarios. One of the people who started the FHIR has created this user-friendly turn-key Firely server.

It has been built using the .NET CORE, complies with regulations, and supports the FHIR standard. Investing in a Firely server allows you to experience a smooth flow of data exchange. 

But before making the buying decision, you’ll have to try it out to make the right purchase decision. 

There are two ways to do this which you are going to learn here. Learn how to evaluate the Firely server for FHIR – with or without a download in this blog post.

Understanding the Firely Server

Firely server, formally known as the Vonk, is an FHIR server developed by Firely

It is designed to store, manage, and provide access to healthcare data using the FHIR standard. The Firefly server was built using .NET Core. They offer a comprehensive solution like:

  • Secure and Reliable databases like MySQL Server and MongoDB.
  • On-premises, cloud, or your data center.
  • Effortlessly load and update implementation guides, FHIR profiles, and terminology resources.
  • Check that FHIR resources are valid outside the box for syntactical and semantic accuracy.

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Solutions by Firely for FHIR

Firely offers various solutions for FHIR – Firely Auth, FHIR Facade, Firely Server Ingest, and Firely Server Plugins.

1. Firely Auth

Firely Auth offers OAuth2 tokens that follow SMART on FHIR, An external authorization service that complies with all regulations. 

  • SMART app launch (v1.0 and v2.0) is fully implemented. utilizing protocols for standalone and EHR launches.
  • It is possible to log in without requiring any extra preparation. It is possible to outsource or implement user management locally.
  • Add API clients with ease. Access key management options natively.
  • On-site, on the cloud (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure), or in your personal data center.
  • Uses Kubernetes to run in as many containers as necessary.
  • Create secure connections with Firely Server for system-to-system, provider-to-patient, or system-to-patient communication.

2. FHIR Facade

Firely Server can be used as an effective and potent FHIR Facade, providing a quick and easy way to link your systems to FHIR clients. On the front end, it speaks FHIR, and on the back end, it communicates directly with your native data.

  • Use a queue system, several databases, or other REST APIs to test FHIR Facade.
  • Achieve the same deployment options as Firely Server’s standard setup.
  • Because Firely Server satisfies interoperability regulations, ensures stress-free compliance.
  • Modify the mapping code without executing transformations on all of the database’s current FHIR resources. Improve the mappings for every use case as necessary.
  • FHIR Facade and SMART on FHIR can be combined to provide fine-grained access control.
  • Utilize the Firely.NET SDK to put your FHIR Facade into practice.

3. Firely Server Ingest

A command-line interface (CLI) program called Firely Server Ingest (FSI) was developed to improve the effectiveness of ingesting large amounts of resources into a Firely Server. 

This tool dramatically boosts throughput by writing data directly to the underlying Firely Server database, as opposed to resource ingestion, which involves sending HTTP queries to an instance of Firely Server that is currently running. The utility facilitates data entry into MongoDB and SQL Server databases.

  • Intended to fill Firely Server with large amounts of FHIR resource packages.
  • Carried out as a component of current ETL procedures that include resource development and validation with Firely.NET SDK Firely Validator.
  • Centered on effectively indexing FHIR resources without utilizing the FHIR REST API by processing them directly at the database level.

4. Firely Server Plugins

Firely provides pre-made plugins for bulk data loading, exporting, and authentication. It is simple to develop additional functions or features that Firely Server does not already support.

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Choosing Which Way to Evaluate Firely Server for FHIR

The way you choose to evaluate the Firely server for FHIR is what will depend on your role: 

  • Your current stage in the decision-making process
  • The depth of information required for your evaluation
  • The specific questions you need to address

So, it is important to pick the right way that you are most comfortable with. There are two ways you can evaluate the Firely server:

  • Downloading the Firely trial version server
  • Exploring the public end-point using Postman

If you are just starting and want to experience the high-level functionalities, you can explore their public end-point using Postman. Or if you want to go further for implementation, you can go with the free trial version which offers more value and allows you to experience the full functionality.

The 2 Best Ways to Evaluate FHIR Server

Downloading the Firely Trial Version Server

  • By far the most popular option among the developers is downloading the Firely server trial version and experiencing its full potential. The 
  • The Firely server trial version has full features for one week of unlimited testing. 
  • This comprehensive approach helps you to explore the product.
  • Using this assessment approach, you may test how Firely Server installs in your infrastructure by running it with your own data and conformance resources (such as search parameters and FHIR profiles). 
  • The only drawback is that it requires a manual restart every 24 hours. 

Exploring the Public End-Point Using Postman

  • Firely’s public endpoint provides a quick and easy way to confirm that the Server functions and is compatible with (g)(10), CMS, or ISiK / ISiP, for example, if you’re just beginning to look at your possibilities.
  • If you are familiar with the FHIR standard, you can access the public endpoint using a Postman account.
  • This gives you the freedom which helps you to create your request and try out specific and experiment with details without having to use your server or be constrained by pre-defined templates.

Leverage Firely Server for FHIR with CapMinds Solution

Want to experience the full potential of the Firely server for FHIR? Look no further than CapMinds, your trusted partner in health IT solutions. 

Our team of experts specializes in Firely Server implementation, customization, and integration, ensuring that your healthcare practice is forefront of interoperability.

With CapMinds, you’ll benefit from:

  • Seamless Firely Server setup and configuration
  • Custom FHIR API development tailored to your needs
  • Integration with existing EHR systems and workflows
  • Performance optimization and scalability solutions
  • Comprehensive staff training and ongoing support

CapMinds has the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of the process, from initial assessment to full-scale deployment.

Reach out to CapMinds for a personalized consultation and discover how our Firely Server expertise can transform your health IT infrastructure.

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