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Whether your goal is increasing practice efficiency, improving health outcomes, or revenue growth, our advanced analytics solutions are the best choice to shape your healthcare practice. Our solution evaluates your organizations’ analytics-maturity levels along with several use cases.

We assist organizations with changing their information into standard information models enhanced with reference information, by conducting more than 210 quality checks taking a gander at business rules, intelligent connections, and more that payer information should follow.

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Hospital Analytics

  • Real-time data analytics in a medical clinic can measure and break down immense data rapidly.
  • Variations like non-compliance or threats can be immediately recognized and quickly tended to.
  • The data analysis process includes a set of data from claims data, R&D data, EHR clinical data, and patient behavior data.
  • The key performance indicators include analysis of data collected from patient treatment costs, waiting for time, and emergency waiting slots.
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Preventive & Prescriptive Analytics

  • Better execution of payers, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical organizations by diminishing their outstanding tasks at hand.
  • Distinguishing proof of mediation models for high-risk population by joining information from in-office care and home-based telehealth.
  • The data analysis process includes a set of data from claims data, R&D data, EHR clinical data, and patient behavior data.
  • Medication improvement is attainable by identifying patient cohorts that are generally reasonable for clinical trials around the world.

Population Health Analytics

  • Information collection incorporates clinical applications, claims frameworks, health information exchange, remote patient monitoring, and more
  • Tracking performance scores from anticipation, prevention, and treatment to support and wellness management.
  • Evaluating cost and quality measurements of population health programs to deliver ROI scores.
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Claims Analytics

  • Claims Analytics solution includes complex data mining pinpoint payment issues both pre and post-payment.
  • Surveys claim information against many industry-characterized coding norms, including CMS, NCCI, AMA, and others.
  • The solution encourages you to analyze paid claims data to identify overpayments and seek opportunities for recovery.

Fraud & Risk Analytics

  • The healthcare fraud action includes illegal medical billing and multiple claims filed by different providers for a similar patient.
  • With the help of our risk analytics solutions, this can be identified before the claims are paid.
  • Our AI featured provides a visualization interface to go beyond transactions and break down related activities with alert management.
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Clinical Decision Support

  • CDS is a health information technology system specially designed to provide health experts with clinical decision support.
  • CDS optimize every aspect of healthcare and provide international standards for providing better health outcomes across the network.
  • Our CDS implementation process is much easier as it would be embedded with the patient’s EHR to attain its full potential.

Clinical Business Intelligence

  • Clinical business intelligence applies data analytics to patient clinical records through different systems for proper care on time.
  • It easily tracks performance, measure progress towards practice goals, and accountability for better results.
  • Our solution includes priority conditions dashboards for alerts, patient registry analysis, and performance reporting
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Clinical Lab Informatics

  • If managed properly, our clinical lab Informatics Systems can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the lab operations
  • From implementation to lab management out solution provides accurate insights that maximize ROI.
  • Our solution includes Lab Informatics Strategy, LIMS Implementation, Computer System Validation (CSV), and QA/QC Management.

Why Choose CapMinds Advanced Analytics?

  • Plan with data strategy
  • View your data more clearly
  • Align your data management with your business goals
  • Leverage advanced analytics techniques
  • Real time data processing
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