Switching To New EHR Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: 4 Pro Tips

Tips for switching to EHR

you satisfied with your current EHR? If not, then this is the right time to
switch to a new EHR. Here are the top reasons why to switch to new EHR and the
benefits of changing it.

is EHR?

EHR or electronic health records are digital records of health information. They contain all the information such as past medical history, vital signs, progress notes, diagnoses, medications, immunization dates, allergies, lab data, and imaging reports. Apart from this, it also includes insurance information, demographic data, and even data imported from personal wellness devices.

EHR makes health data easily accessible to authorized providers across practices and health organizations, helping to provide better care. An EHR can be shared with all clinicians and organizations involved in a patient’s care such as labs, specialists, imaging facilities, pharmacies, emergency facilities, and school and workplace clinics.


Right Time For New Kind Of EHR

first step to check whether you need to switch to a new EHR is to look at your
organization’s short and long-term goals. They will give you a clear picture of
the need to change your EHR and the right time to do so. A good EHR should provide
the best patient engagement tools, comprehensive documentation, and the latest
interoperability along with the in-depth data analytics. Switching EHR can be a
time-consuming task, but it is the most important aspect of the practices to
seek better healthcare IT.

looking for the EHR replacements, it’s very important to analyze what features
you don’t like with your existing EHR and what features you’d like to have in
your new EHR.

Here are the top reasons from the physicians to switch for new EHR systems:

  • Existing product not user-friendly (33%)
  • interoperability with practice management system (31%)
  • Need more customization options (27%)
  • Want better customer support (20%)
  • The existing product isn’t certified for Meaningful Use (19%)
  • Cost-driven (16%)


switch to a new EHR?

EHR Means Easy Patient Data Access:

Technological advancement has improved drastically over the recent years in the field of healthcare. Likewise, the adoption of Electronic Medical Records has improved a lot. It holds the most advanced features to review the complete patient data in an easily accessible manner.

EHR Means Better Co-ordination Care:

With the increase in population growth, more number of patients are experiencing chronic and complex conditions. So here the collaboration with other providers will become more essential and important than before. With new EHR and its advanced features, the Co-ordinated care is made much more seamless.

Value-based care demands an EHR:

The transition to value-based care means that independent physicians must have the tools necessary to care for patients appropriately and to report on that care electronically. For example, certified EHR technology is a requirement for Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs) for the physician to qualify for added incentives.

EHR For better patient safety:

Switching to new EHR may also save your practice cost and make your practice more efficient than before. Do you know what makes your practice inefficient? The major reason is the time spent on searching patient data through paperwork or waiting for the faxed patient data from other providers. This act can be potentially not good for patients who need emergency care. So an EHR designed according to the needs of independent physicians can optimize practice management and ensure patient safety and better care.


CapMinds EHR – An Easy To Use EHR for your practice

Are your switching to a new EHR? An electronic health record (EHR) solution for your independent practice should be designed to help you provide higher quality care for your patients and to optimize your practice management.

CapMinds EHR is a secure cloud-based multi-purpose Electronic Health Record software for health practices to provide better care for patients and a perfect solution for small to mid-size practices. Our EHR software is intuitive, easy to use, and streamlines the encounter so physicians can focus on care.

By surfacing clinical intelligence throughout the encounter without disrupting the workflow, this EHR helps to drive better care and greater efficiency — even when satisfying important measures for quality-focused initiatives like Meaningful Use, P4P, ICD-10, and more. Our software can do more than just the basics to tailor the internal processes for better care and revenue profitability.

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Author: Pandi Paramasivan
Website: https://in.linkedin.com/in/pandians

Pandi is the founder and CEO of CapMinds, a cutting-edge healthtech company dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their well-being. Under his 13 years of leadership, CapMinds has completed more than 100 healthcare projects that include customization and integration for OpenEMR, HL7 FHIR, Mirth Connect, Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, Connected Health, and more.

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