Case Study: Custom EMR Application for Wound Care

Electronic Medical Record

Client Overview

A US-based wound care group with healthcare facilities across multiple health systems was searching desperately for a consolidated Wound Care EMR that could provide them unlimited access to patient information at all locations.

Business Challenges

  • The hospitals with which they worked used many famous EMRs in the market but none specialized in wound care functionality.
  • To meet their requirements, customization of EMRs used at multiple facilities was an option, but the number of different systems involved would be expensive and time-consuming.
  • However, carrying on with this wouldn’t have given them a consolidated view of patient information across all their health systems and locations.

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Our Approach

We meticulously designed, developed, and established a custom web-based Wound Care EMR application for the group. The cloud-based SaaS application facilitated support to many hospitals, enabling physicians to be connected with and scheduled at different locations.

The wound care EMR created by CapMinds Technology has now been spread out to many hospitals and provides integration with other EMRs using HL7 protocol for ADT & MDM. The application has also been certified for the integration of features like e-prescriptions, including a scheduling module that makes scheduling very easy for patients, physicians, and nurses. It also offers a secure patient portal.

The Outcomes

  • The client obtained a custom application that offered them the special wound care functionality that they were looking for.
  • It provided a consolidated view of patient information across all their facilities.
  • The software was also integrated with all the different hospital EMR systems that the facility hosts.
  • Especially the patient portal integrated empowered their patients to securely view their records anytime, anywhere.

EMR Customization Services From Capminds

CapMinds’ Electronic Medical Records enables clinicians and healthcare organizations to touch the peaks by transforming processes to automation resulting in better documentation, advanced interoperability, and doubled security through HIPAA and regulations for deriving client satisfaction and delivering better care.

CapMinds EMR services simplify and quicken the access to medical records across various electronic software solutions. Our advanced customization and integration services provide perfectly sophisticated features specially tailored to fit your practice requirements.

Our EMR solution is built with easy-to-access advanced features to improve your practice’s clinical care. Its smart integrative EMR tools such as a convenient patient portal, advanced e-prescribing, clinical decision support, RCM, and automated billing solution with anytime mobile accessibility make it easier to provide quality care and a better patient experience. By leveraging our comprehensive services & partnerships, we can together develop customized solutions to fit your practice for pure expansions and growth.

“Let’s ensure a perfect EMR customization to fit your practice without constraints”

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