Maintaining healthcare records, keeping track of scheduled appointments, and managing the health of children & older people at home is overwhelming for caretakers. CapMinds Behavioral Monitoring is a simple tool for families & healthcare organizations to access vital health data and monitor perfectly

With CapMinds behavioral monitoring

  • View and share snapshots of the latest health records
  • Set goals, monitor progress, and chart results
  • Connect with care teams and family members
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Care takers & patients

  • A secure tool to record the behavioral health data about your child, emergency care, and medical history
  • Provides data for better healthcare decision making
  • Track the behavioral activities of children that matters to parents
  • Behavioral reports can be easily shared with family members, caretakers, and providers
  • Parents can reward their children for better healthcare management

Healthcare providers

  • Easily monitor the behavioral activities of patients
  • Guide the caretakers and parents for better health outcomes
  • Increase patient satisfaction with quality healthcare delivery
  • Send direct messages to patients and caretakers at the time of care
  • Automatically schedule appointments for patients after continuous monitoring
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