We maintain the highest level of data security for your healthcare organizations with our solution designed for a variety of purposes including assessing patients’ health, screening for mental health conditions, and quality of life
Our public health services are for the common population and some can be tailored to specific groups like Medicaid recipients and families with children

CapMinds Public Health Survey Solution

  • 1.

    Screen Patient Progress

    Clinical examination successes depend on the accuracy of surveys. With our automated scheduled reports conduct surveys on advanced new medications/technologies

  • 2.

    Patient Data Collection

    We conduct a pre-appointment survey and collect all the necessary patient data such as medical records. This makes the patient data to be easily accessible & manageable

  • 3.

    More Production Reports

    Collect actionable data to help with the hospital decision-making process. With our real-time report filters dig deeper & come up with productive reports

Explore Our Public Health Surveys

  • Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders
  • Pharmacy Customer Evaluation Survey
  • Vulnerable Elders Survey
  • Health Insurance Survey
  • Veterinary Clinic Evaluation
  • Smoking Survey
  • Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health
  • Mental Health Survey
  • Measures of Patient Adherence
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • Eating and Dietary Habits Survey
  • HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study
  • Pharmacy Evaluation Survey
  • Physical Fitness Survey
  • Managed Health Care Survey
  • Pediatric Asthma Symptom Scale
  • Dialysis Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • Social Support Survey

Why Choose CapMinds Public Health Survey?

CapMinds' public health survey solutions & support make it the ideal choice for the betterment of care delivery and outcomes. Hospitals, insurance providers, medical suppliers, and clinics are among the many health systems that trust us to fulfil their research needs

Flexible integrated solutions

Research & Consultancy

Expert training & support

Data security

Empower your practice be future ready at every stage

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