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Whether you are in the earliest stage of quality measure reporting or the stage of care coordination – The CapMinds population health portal helps you at any point on your practice growth journey. With the best population health tools, our portal drives meaningful insights across clinical, financial, and administrative data - help you engage patients with better care and to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

What We Do?

  • We predict what with happen within a population and offer the best solutions
  • Engage the person, their family, and healthcare team to take immediate actions for positive outcomes
  • Effectively manage outcomes to improve healthcare delivery
  • We engage and empower health care stakeholders through our industry-recognized population health portal
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Advanced Population Health Portal Features

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Population Health Analytics

Improve performance on quality measure incentives and identify immediate fee-for-service revenue opportunities by closing gaps in recommended preventive services.

Care Gap Identification

As our population health portal can be easily integrated with your EHR software, you can easily access your patient’s care gaps. Our portal enables care managers to target the highest priority patients for care team interventions, notify them, and improve overall population health management.

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analytics-img-capminds analytics-ehr

Resource Utilization

Our population health management portal offers the ability to track resource utilization. With the advanced resource utilization dashboard, you can easily manage value-based payment risks and improve quality measure performance successfully.

Care Coordination

Care teams using our portal are informed by data, delivering high-quality care to the highest-risk patients in your population, and accurately assign appropriate care team resource interventions to the right patients at the right time.

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analytics-img-capminds analytics-ehr

Value-Based Care

We simplify the challenges of population health management by identifying patient segments, establishing care plans, and improving health outcomes for a practice seeking value-based reimbursement.

How CapMinds Population Health Portal Supports You?

We support the clinical, financial, and operational needs of healthcare practices, providers, health communities, payers across the continuum. We stay focussed on connecting traditional venues, the health continuum, and advanced health data of a person to empower individuals in their health.

CapMinds Population Health Portal supports healthcare organizations seeking to improve the quality of care and engage people in managing their health

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