What is Prior Authorization ?

Prior authorization is a procedure of obtaining prior approval from the payer before the healthcare provider offers treatment to patients. Even before the payers agree to pay for medications or medical equipment, healthcare providers require a signoff that a particular treatment will be covered for a patient

Prior authorization services

Prior authorization services

  • Free up administration time to focus on patient care
  • Minimizes hassles with dealing with insurance companies
  • Claim maximum reimbursement
  • Get insurance authorization for services that require prior approval
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Prior authorization benefits

  • Save time & money spent on the phone waiting, completing forms, and submitting paperwork
  • Reduce reschedules & delays by receiving timely approvals from payers
  • Manage & review multiple orders with 24/7 access to a secured, online dashboard
  • Easily track the status of all your submissions through the online portal
  • Avoid delivering costly services resulting in denials/incomplete/no reimbursement

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Why choose CapMinds prior authorization?

  • Secure web-based portal for the authorization process
  • Precertification in fast turnaround time
  • Reduced paperwork and data errors
  • More time to focus on patient care
  • Reduced insurance write-offs & denials
  • 45% reduction in operational costs

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