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CapMinds is specialized in implementing accurate Revenue Cycle Management(RCM) & Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions for cardiology clinics, medical centers, and hospitals. By staying up to date with revised codes and suggesting current documentation standards, we provide the best services with the highest degree of specificity. Our Ease of use, multimodality Support, Cardiology specific content, and excellent Support, earns CapMinds the trust of Cardiology practices.

The cardiology procedures supported by our RCM and EHR


Abnormal heart rhythms


Heart disease


Valve disease

Cardiology EHR services

CapMinds offers the best cloud-based cardiology-focused EHR with integrated RCM, medical billing, care co-ordination, credentialing, and population health management that integrate with the main EHR. With CapMinds cardiology EHR providers can collect, analyze, and generate reports on the quality of care and other patient data. With the ability to interface with a cardiologist’s diagnostic equipment and the easily accessible view of a patient’s complete record from all cardiology modalities, the results can be viewed directly within EHR.

  • Image-based clinical records
  • Automated billing function
  • Customizable cardiology templates
  • HIPAA-compliant claims clearinghouse
  • Integrated credit card processing
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  • Lab integration
  • Appointment managements
  • E-prescription
  • Patient demographics

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Cardiology EHR Features


Clinical Documentation

CapMinds implementation experts help you to create your custom content, you can benefit from the hundreds of readily available treatment plans for most common cardiology problems such as CAD, Chest Pain, CHF, Angina created by your fellow cardiologists on the CapMinds Platform.


Medical Inventory Management

Both the large and small medical practices can efficiently manage, stock, dispense and sell medications, vaccines, DME, and much more with Capminds medical inventory management solutions.


Cardiology RCM Services

CapMinds excels in cardiology RCM, medical billing, and collections for practice-based physician groups. Our revenue cycle management services include medical coding, claim tracking, denial management, online payments, financial reporting, practice management, and MACRA/MIPS measures. We conduct regular internal audits to monitor coding performance and accuracy. Our experienced coding experts educate your staff to ensure appropriate documentation and compliance.

  • Increase in collections up to 97%
  • Error Ratio < 1%
  • 20% Improvement in A/R
More Details
  • 25% Decrease in Insurance Denials
  • 35% Decrease in Billing Costs

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Cardiology RCM Features


Medical Credentialing Services

At CapMinds, we ensure all the providers are credentialed on time to avoid payment delays or loss of reimbursement. We take over the complete responsibility of medical credentialing which allows you to accept third-party reimbursement without unnecessarily deviating from your practice.


AR Follow-up for Cardiology Medical Billing

We follow-up with non-paying or late-paying clients and make them pay all dues on time to achieve healthy revenue cycle management and to avoid attracting penalties. We enclose automatic payment reminders to prevent uncollected bills from becoming a financial burden for your practice.

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