The Ultimate Mission of IPPF and The Role of OpenEMR

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is a global non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting the sexual and reproductive health of patients worldwide.

In pursuit of this mission, OpenEMR emerges as an ally, streamlining patient record-keeping and ensuring privacy.This blog post will guide you through the ultimate mission of IPPF and the crucial role that OpenEMR plays in simplifying and enhancing this mission.

Let’s explore how OpenEMR makes a positive impact on IPPF’s mission.

The Core Objectives of IPPF

IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) was founded in the year 1952 in Bombay, India, by Margaret Sanger and Lady Rama Rau. Here are the primary objectives of IPPF:

Easy Accessible Information

  • IPPF strives to provide easy-to-understand access available for all people.
  • They provide educational resources on reproductive health in simple language.


Here are the services offered by the International Planned Parenthood Federation:

  • Abortion: IPPF provides legal abortion services and care for women, aiming to reduce the number of deaths that occur during unsafe abortion methods.
  • Contraception: They offer contraception services to provide access to contraception and information so that people can make informed choices about family planning and help protect themselves from STIs.
  • Sex Education: IPPF provides sex education to teach young people to make more informed decisions about their sexuality and health.
  • Emergencies: They also provide quality emergency services for women, children, and men in times of critical crisis like rape, trafficking, during critical pregnancy delivery, and in refugee settlements.
  • Gender Equality: IPPF strives to push legal and policy reforms for early forced marriage and other forms of gender discrimination.
  • Gynecological: IPPF offers gynecological services, supporting reproductive health through treatments, and advice, ensuring care for people’s well-being.
  • HIV and STIs: They provide treatment, care, and support to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination.
  • Maternal Health: IPPF works to improve maternal health through clinics worldwide and outreach services, and by training health workers.

Advocacy Rights

  • IPPF stands up for the rights of people and individuals in matters of reproductive health.
  • Work towards fair policies and law-supporting rights.

Youth Involvement

  • They Encourage young individuals to be actively involved and participate in reproductive health decisions.
  • Create spaces for youths to voice their concerns and ideas.

Simple Education for People

  • IPPF creates awareness campaigns to help people understand reproductive health.
  • They support educational programs for diverse communities.

Implementation of OpenEMR in IPPF’s Operations

The Implementation of OpenEMR in IPPF’s Operation makes a significant step to enhance healthcare management.

With its user-friendly interface, training, and ongoing support, OpenEMR is expected to contribute to improving patient care and streamline the workflow of IPPF.

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Let’s see the Impact of OpenEMR in IPPF’s mission;

Improve Efficiency in Operation

While the IPPF focuses on the global level, there might be chances of workflow disruption and medical errors. The OpenEMR system helps IPPF streamline the operation by reducing the administrative workload and improving efficiency in quality healthcare delivery.

Data Security

When handling and providing service worldwide, securing crucial patient information is necessary to prevent any threads. OpenEMR prioritizes data security and privacy with Compliance and Standards and ensures that all patient information is protected and compliant with regulations.

Improve Patient Care

IPPF focuses on international sexual and reproductive rights for women and men. During the operation, managing and organizing the patient’s medical records can be a daunting task.

OpenEMR systems help to make it easier to manage and organize all the patient’s accurate information, medical records, and lab results, in one place. So, healthcare professionals have complete access to patient records in one place, reducing the need to manage and search through paper records.

Medication Management

While managing patients, IPPF might face challenges in prescriptions for the patients. OpenEMR helps to efficiently manage medications by ensuring accurate prescriptions and reducing the risk of errors.

Challenges with OpenEMR for IPPF

Even though OpenEMR plays a crucial role in IPPF, there are a few challenges IPPF might have faced during the Implementation of OpenEMR in operation;

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Making the Transition from Traditional to Digital

While making the transition from traditional paper records to digitalized workflow, IPPF might find it challenging during the transition. IPPF can address this issue and solve it by providing ongoing support and assistance to healthcare staff members.

Data Migration

Transferring existing data to OpenEMR can be challenging. For seamless data transferring, IPPF must carefully be planned and support must be in the right place to ensure a smooth data migration process.


International Planned Parenthood Federation is operating in over 146 countries providing quality sexual and reproductive health care for women and men.

During the operation, IPPF faces significant challenges in its mission of providing quality sexual and reproductive healthcare services for people. The Implementation of the OpenEMR system makes a huge impact by making it easier to simplify tasks and streamline the healthcare operation of IPPF.

Whether it’s a large-scale or small-scale healthcare organization, adopting the OpenEMR technology is crucial to streamline the workflow and focus more on better patient care.

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