Our mission is to consistently offer innovative, reliable, transparent health-IT services & solutions in Health-IT Applications (EHR, RPM, Telehealth), Interoperability(FHIR, SMART, HL7), Automated digital Operations (RPA), DevOps, etc.


Our vision is to become one of the global health-IT companies to promote quality, predictive, advanced care at an affordable price

Entitle the healthcare providers


Optimize care delivery

Promising healthcare delivery is what we do. We serve you the best automation and care coordination solutions to enhance clinical productivity & efficiency cost-effectively.


Reduce operational expenses

Reducing overhead costs is what we are specialized for. We are here to take care of your practice RCM process with the help of advanced health technologies.


Increase collection

We offer a simplified health automation solution that focuses on essential billing services including certified medical coding to protect your cash flow and help to improve your patient collections.


Improve the patient experience

We are the best in developing healthcare platforms and services for modern medical practices - equipping providers with the technology they need to improve patient access to quality care.


Grow their practice

Establish and grow a practice with the help of our integrated services that effectively streamlines patient engagement, revenue collection, care delivery, and billing workflows.


Expand patient access to care

We are here to help healthcare organizations to provide convenient care options and drive improved patient access to healthcare. Our end-to-end technology is the key to making this happen.

Why Capminds ?

Client first approach

Being a leading healthIT service provider, our mission goes beyond your perspective – as we formulate a solution that solves key issues to help your practice grow.

Strong expertise in HealthIT solutions

With our core field of expertise in OpenEMR, connected health, and automation, our experts remain on the cutting edge of the newest and most successful technology trends on the market.

Valuable on-time delivery

You can expect a greater level of commitments and health solution deliveries in less time with higher quality – with the help of the latest updated techniques.